Cirrus Logistics: Redefining Logistics for the Refinery Industry

Simon Shore, Managing Director
Transportation and logistics in the oil and gas refinery arena is riddled with legacy technologies leading to a bevy of challenges. Ineffective supply chain, safety concerns, harmful emission, and decreasing profits have drilled a hole in the coffers of the refineries. The refinery industry requires logistics planning solutions that operate with clockwork precision for smooth inward and outward cargo delivery. With 20 years of experience in providing cutting-edge planning and scheduling solutions that are driven by highly proficient algorithms and intelligent systems, Cirrus Logistics is optimizing logistics for the refinery industry. “We have created a niche for ourselves by offering the maritime industry proven software and supply chain expertise to help improve terminal efficiency. By replacing legacy apps and manual systems, we not only improve scheduling accuracy and feasibility in the terminal but most importantly provide a single, real-time source of truth for the decision makers,” says Simon Shore, Managing Director of Cirrus Logistics.

The Cirrus planning schedule is available to various internal and external stakeholders at any time. While enabling communication between these stakeholders, the solutions provided by Cirrus take into consideration numerous constraints, including the tidal effect, to validate the refinery schedule. This ensures the 24-hour plan and schedule is optimized and feasible. “We focus on advanced planning and scheduling algorithms to enhance the performance of the terminal. In particular, we aggregate data from various end points to improve the documentation and compliance of the vessels while by providing supplementary schedules for the associated port resources,” says Shore.

Cirrus ensures that the refinery’s plan works efficiently so that there is no clogging of vessels at the terminal and the jetty infrastructure which prevents the free flow of the cargo in and out of the refinery. Cirrus uses its Marine Enterprise Suite (MES) to share information with the port harbour master to ensure the necessary movement of the cargo. Moreover, MES adds value to the refineries by leveraging simulation to evaluate impact and viability of tactical and strategic plans.

By replacing legacy apps and manual systems, we not only improve data entry in the terminal but most importantly provide a single source of truth for the decision makers

MES is the central scheduling tool that assists cross-function communication and creates an update about the information gathered which ultimately produces a feasible berth schedule that works for all participants. MES has the ability to manage labor and infrastructure constraints, while playing a key role in demurrage reduction. This unique feature helps companies save millions of dollars every year.

As part of its MES, Cirrus has developed a web browser-based enterprise application to enhance the scheduling process and delivery of cargo in a timely manner. Its mobile application can capture information about the vessels as part of their documentation process and the system can integrate with AIS providers to make it easy for the oil companies to track the vessels. The application is being further optimized, allowing enterprises to focus on refinery profitability and cost reduction. With such innovative technology, it is quite evident that the entire process of detailing and managing the accurate supply chain is more accurate and faster than the traditional methods, such as spreadsheets. Moreover, maintaining constant communication with the vessels and stakeholders, and notifying them in advance, helps in reducing CO2 emission while achieving cost savings.

Cirrus believes in the fact that the efficiency of berth scheduling and planning and inventory management has a critical impact on optimum port and refinery performance. Available globally, the Marine Enterprise Suite is part of Cirrus’ full solution portfolio that covers the entire supply chain, including network strategy and distribution.

Cirrus Logistics

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Simon Shore, Managing Director

Provides advanced algorithms and intelligent systems to improve the planning and scheduling of logistics operations in the refinery industry

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