CitiusTech: Technology Solutions to Address Today’s Biggest Healthcare Challenges

Rizwan Koita, CEO
Nations around the globe are grappling with rising costs of health care. In the US, health care liabilities and the federal debt are on a trajectory that is intricate to prolong. Lawmakers, regardless of political inclinations, are therefore rightly concerned about how health care reforms will affect the growth in health care spending. “Healthcare ranks among the biggest problems being faced by some of the largest economies worldwide,” says Rizwan Koita, CEO of CitiusTech. “As countries are evolving, the cost of healthcare is growing out of proportion, and healthcare is increasingly consuming a greater share of human and financial resources.”

CitiusTech is a healthcare technology and consulting solution provider, collaborating with over 50 leading healthcare organizations worldwide. CitiusTech is closely associated with industry organizations like HIMSS and HL7, and is a member of the prestigious CHIME Foundation. The company offers a wide range of healthcare technology services including healthcare software development, healthcare interoperability, meaningful use compliance, BI/analytics, care management, health cloud, consumer engagement and mobile health.

One of CitiusTech’s focus areas is healthcare BI and analytics. BI-Clinical is a comprehensive healthcare BI and clinical decision support platform supporting the needs of healthcare IT vendors, hospitals/IDNs, health plans and ACOs. Deployed at over 3,800 provider locations, BIClinical is among the most widely used 3rd party BI/analytics platform across North America. “BI-Clinical has an extensive suite of pre-built apps covering clinical, financial, operational and regulatory reporting. BI-Clinical platform includes a robust Rules Engine and an extensive set of 600 KPIs pre-built and certified measures,” adds Koita. BI-Clinical is a qualified EHR Data Submission Vendor (DSV) for 2012 PQRS, and is NCQA certified for coverage of all HEDIS 2014 measures.
“We are helping our clients build and implement complex healthcare technology solutions. They are hiring us not just because we offer lower costs but also because there is nobody else who can understand the present issues with the depth and sophistication the way we do,” says Koita. CitiusTech builds applications, deploys enterprise-level software and is a pioneer in healthcare analytics in the international market. It created a customer base in the US by reaching out to big hospitals, and working closely with technology companies in the healthcare space. CitiusTech’s Healthcare Professional Services team establishes long-term partnerships with leading healthcare IT vendors, provider organizations, HIEs and NHINs, to offer product implementation, upgrades, system integration, maintenance and 24x7 support services with global coverage.

CitiusTech creates long-term software engineering partnerships with clients to build and support healthcare application development and mobile app development platforms. CitiusTech software engineering team provides strong healthcare domain knowledge, understanding of healthcare workflows and standards, and expertise in range of new and legacy technologies. CitiusTech supports each client with a dedicated team of healthcare domain and technology experts based on the client’s unique needs.

With extensive capabilities in healthcare technology, excellent service quality and a global resource base, CitiusTech has consistently delivered best-in-class solutions and an unmatched cost advantage to its healthcare clients worldwide. “CitiusTech’s unique offerings and execution excellence has enabled it to grow by over 55 percent per year over the last five years. And our road ahead is to maintain this growth with each year passing by, also we want to penetrate into the healthcare industry worldwide, to help struggling economies stabilize their healthcare sector,” concludes Koita.


Princeton, NJ

Rizwan Koita, CEO

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