CITSmart: The Complete IT Management Solution

Emauri Gaspar, CEO
The greatest challenge for CIOs today is to drive values added by IT into organizations effectively. ITSM, in that regard, could be the right remedy to that challenge as it ensures that everything works well and adds the expected value. However, not many CIOs tread the right path; they use methods, techniques, and tools that do not allow the clear presence and influence of a value. Emauri Gaspar says his company can help. His firm, CITSmart, can identify evident flaws in basic points such as the correct definition of a portfolio and services catalog and how it addresses business issues. “This is where CITSmart makes the difference: We have a robust portfolio management and catalog management platform for IT services, as well as for other areas of an organization,” underscores the CEO. The firm offers everything required for services to be delivered, managed, and analyzed, promoting continuous improvement and changing the perception of value by its users. CITSmart’s competitive advantage lies in its ability in connecting internal processes to customer experiences.

Over the years, CITSmart has been pursuing their customer’s demands and catering to their needs, while monitoring changing market trends. CITSmart’s Holistic Services Management solution offers a single platform that different departments in an organization can leverage, to effectively communicate and collaborate, through a robust workflow based on knowledge management. “We enable real digital transformation for companies. Our Holistic Services Management solution is a powerful integration tool that can have legacy systems and several applications communicating under a reliable performance,” adds Gaspar.

Enabling efficient service management is CITSmart’s Anuva—a voice-recognition assistant. Designed for Service Management in higher levels, in terms of users functioning— especially when it comes to Knowledge Management—Anuva leverages the power of artificial intelligence. Gaspar informs, “With Anuva, we can configure knowledge by routine operations, be it directly linked to the functions or indicated in the tasks workflow. This provides steady-ready information, as well as real useful knowledge because the system learns which knowledge is being accessed and used to solve particular questions.”

We have a strong conviction and a company purpose to deliver the best tools to enhance customer experience

In addition to robust solutions, the company has something else that contrasts it within the market—accurate onboarding. While usual onboarding processes are inefficient and time-consuming, with CITSmart it is a different ballgame. By linking knowledge to the functions and the portal of experiences, it taps all the information needed for effective onboarding, which allows evolution through the knowledge suggested by functions.

Explaining the value proposition of CITSmart, Gaspar recalls an instance when the company assisted a renowned regulatory aviation agency in Latin America to change their operations. With CITSmart’s support, the agency started to use IT solutions to manage their IT infrastructure. With its initial success, the client promoted digital management to other departments as well. This allowed the organization’s processes to be agiler and other departments were also digitalized by just applying the extension of the already installed platform.

Today, CITSmart’s core focus is on making companies more agile and smarter, and the firm is already aligned with several frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, IT4IT, SIAM, Lean, and VeriSM. The team envisions the company’s future based on these sets of frameworks and using AI to automate processes for increased efficiency. CITSmart is also expanding its reach into Latin America and Europe. “We have a strong conviction and a company purpose to deliver the best tools to increase the customer experience. We believe service management, in a holistic way, is the transformative power for many companies. Live the economy of experience, count on CITSmart,” concludes Gaspar.


Dallas, TX

Emauri Gaspar, CEO

CITSmart extends a single integrated platform which facilitates the management of an entire company workflow for ensuring service excellence to businesses. The CITSmart platform is one among the most complete solutions available for the management of IT services. The firm, based in Dallas, TX eliminates separated, siloed and dysfunctional business units bringing together the capabilities of ITSM, ESM and BPM. The enterprise has earned a reputation as a developer of solutions that combine agility and economy in corporate practices by deploying exceptional technical attributes