City Facilities Management: Technology-Driven Holistic Facilities Management

Paul Smith, CEO City FM is one of the world's largest privately owned, self-performing facilities management (FM) companies. It was founded on the principles of collaboration, trust, and transparency through mutually beneficial partnerships with customers. With nearly four decades of global experience, City follows an innovative approach to offering customized FM, building and engineering, sustainability, energy and data-driven solutions that are proven to cut costs and improve service quality for its customers.

"We leverage our integrated partnership model to provide comprehensive FM, building and engineering, and sustainability solutions, ensuring performancebased innovation," says Paul Smith, CEO of City FM (US).

City caters to a diverse clientele from retail, commercial property, education, distribution and logistics, and other sectors across the globe, enabling them to gain full control of their FM operations and enhance customer experience. With its holistic FM services, clients can strike a perfect balance between their facilities' requirements and sustainability goals while realizing cost savings every step of the way. Its services include R/HVAC, general maintenance and electrical, exterior services, energy management, asset management, and more.

A Strategic Partner for Customers

City's partnership model is built on collaboration, data and intelligence, and top-tier service. Backed by a self-performing, multi-skilled workforce expertly trained on a bespoke basis on our clients’ assets, City works closely with clients under an intuitive five-year plan to ensure maximum effectiveness of its services. Its methodology begins with defining clients' immediate and long-term needs.

City understands where clients are in their FM journey, their infrastructure, current arrangements, and service delivery approach. This informs the team's preliminary view of clients' current programs and enables City to advise clients of the optimization opportunities available to them. During the process, clients have access to an online portal that supplies details of the contract and its methodology and offerings. Key subject matter experts are jointly appointed so that clients have a counterpart on City's team who can work with them across all departments, including finance, procurement, and supply chain.

Using its proven methodologies, City develops and implements cohesive business plans to achieve client goals. With a vested relationship in the partnership, rooted in trust, clients are assured that City is completely aligned with their goals and strategies, be it carbon neutrality, improved service quality, or cost.

City explores continuous optimization opportunities to deliver value across all aspects of clients' facilities programs.
It can also flex the mutually agreed upon budget for the financial year in terms of resources and costs, according to new requirements, to ensure that clients can make the best of their capital investments. This is an advantage for clients who can be impacted by natural incidents, such as hurricanes and snowstorms.

Ensuring a Flawless Process

City's services are built on the foundation of extensive data collection, smart tools and solutions, ingrained industry knowledge, and tangible results.

An end-to-end, self-performing partnership model is enabled by City’s ability to use data related to people, places, processes, and assets, which are unique to every individual partner. Being asset-agnostic, it aggregates data from various assets, like lighting systems, interval meters, and refrigerators, across geographies and using multiple technologies.

City’s industry-leading, machine-learning, performancedriven, innovative technology solutions leverage this realtime comprehensive predictive data and analytics to extend equipment life, lower total costs for partners, and facilitate informed capital planning. With its multi-site- and multi-assetcapable IoT solutions, City triages and manages faults and events across thousands of assets and sites, fostering performancebased innovation, discerning poor asset performance, and opportunities to reduce costs.

The extensive data capture allows clients to conduct a detailed analysis of asset types and quality, and compare their performance across facilities. Based on the data, City builds and pilots targeted models for delivering services from the best resources.

We walk the extra mile and assist clients beyond the contracts and KPIs

For example, when it comes to HVAC and refrigeration, its RHVAC partnership technicians are critical to ensuring chill chain integrity and store comfort conditions. By integrating clients' refrigeration data into the central bureau AI-driven temperature and fault management system (CAIT) via APIs, the City team ensures jobs are prioritized effectively and tracked at the asset level, with limited human interaction even before examining their estate. Some of City's partners achieve 99.99 percent asset uptime across RHVAC assets and have seen a 50 percent reduction in refrigeration energy consumption over 10 years. Clients are provided with complete visibility into asset performance and the costs involved, from installation to decommissioning.

Its highly experienced multi-skilled technicians (MSTs) are specialized in all electrical and mechanical assets and energy centers across their clients' store portfolios. A single MST can do the job of 8 to 12 different vendors, outperforming expert vendors to realize sustainable objectives. City also creates training modules to provide MSTs with the necessary skill sets to meet the evolving needs of clients. With its crew of experts, City helps clients unlock up to a 25 percent improvement across critical KPIs, including response time, repair, first-time fix, asset uptime, parts availability, and customer satisfaction.

"We follow a hyper-personalized approach to equip clients with the knowledge of all their store assets. Our clients have dedicated resources trained specifically to manage their assets and triage issues along with their own energy center, to improve energy efficiency and get the maximum value from their investments," says Tony Parkinson, SVP of operations, City FM.

City is also well-versed in planning, designing, and executing construction projects. It helps clients with fit-outs, refurbishments, new-builds, or extensions while maintaining store trading. When integrated with the City FM model, this capital capability delivers further efficiencies, both in relation to costsavings and performance optimization. A number of City’s partners have moved to integrate capital engineering with FM and are now moving swiftly onto utilizing City to achieve their sustainability and energy objectives.

Always in Clients' Good Books

The robust capabilities of City have powered numerous clients to continually optimize asset performance and realize their FM goals. In one instance, City partnered with a large business in the UK that was an early adopter of technology. Fast forward 12 years, and their remote asset management solutions had reached the end of their lifecycle. The client’s battle with legacy technologies included insufficient vendor support and high costs of procurement.

“We leverage our integrated partnership model to provide comprehensive FM, building and engineering, and sustainability solutions, ensuring performancebased innovation”

City developed and delivered a tailored software solution for asset management that improved efficiency and reduced the client's cost by 50 percent.

City has also enabled clients to run their businesses without interruption in all circumstances. Its services have helped stores withstand the consequences of unforeseen storms. With the crucial insights and predictions, stores could jump into action following the storm damage, mobilizing workers, and successfully bringing goods and services to customers.

"We walk the extra mile and assist clients beyond the contracts and KPIs. Through our attempts to earn clients' goodwill, we can get their stores up and running in just two or three days," says Smith.

At the heart of City's success lies its technology-driven solutions and decades of experience in creating the best FM practice. It relieves clients' inhouse teams of complex FM tasks and allows them to focus on core business operations.

Steering ahead, City looks at FM sustainability through the lens of innovation and service improvement. It is developing novel solutions, strategies, and maintenance programs to align with and meet the evolving needs of clients. With an unparalleled commitment to safety, quality, and value, City continues to do what it does best—delivering customized FM services.

City Facilities Management

Jacksonville, Florida

Paul Smith, CEO

Founded on the principles of collaboration, trust, and transparency realized through mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, City FM follows an innovative, data-driven approach to offering bespoke and sustainable FM services economically. It puts clients in full control of their FM solutions, enabling them to make right decisions to increase footfall and enhance customer experience

City Facilities Management