Civic Resource Group: Leading the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

CIO VendorGregory G. Curtin, Ph.D. Founder & CEO
The most critical challenge for public sector leaders in the twenty-first century has been ensuring good government. Pressure is mounting on them to provide faster, better and more accessible services for a steadily growing and more urban population. Public sector leaders face new global realities, including macroeconomic uncertainty, drastic changes in populations and demographics, and conflicts at the international level. At the same time, Governments everywhere are dealing with diminishing trust in them. The complexity of the situation has led industry experts to consider radical changes in how governments are structured and how they function, including innovations enabled by new technologies. This has set the stage for companies involved in developing government-specific technological solutions to prove themselves, especially with the emergence of cloud and mobile computing. At the forefront of these developments is Civic Resource Group (CRG), a Los Angeles, CA based developer of cloud-first, mobile-first, data-first solutions that address the specific requirements of government and civic organizations. CRG has for more than a decade served as a trusted advisor to governments, providing e-government strategies, tools and solutions. The company is now positioned to lead the massive move to the Cloud that is just starting in the public sector.

Under the leadership of Gregory G.Curtin, Ph.D., JD, CRG has been extending requirement-specific services to sectors including Government, Education, Transportation, Travel & Tourism, Arts and Culture and Non-profit organizations. The company has a long history of working exclusively in the public sector, a key differentiator from other technology providers.

“Governments across the globe are facing the urgent need for change, in terms of operational strategies, delivery of public services, citizen engagement, and government transparency. As a result, governments and civic bodies irrespective of their size and location, are witnessing a fundamental change in the very way they do business,” observes Dr. Curtin.

The Fully-integrated CRG Solution– CivicConnect™SmartGov Cloud

CRG offers a unique range of Cloud products and services which can be implemented individually or as comprehensive packages. These core products are highly requirement-specific and address the real business needs of government organizations.CivicConnect™, CRG’s cloud-based platform which facilitates rapid deployment of data-driven mobile/web applications, paves the way for ‘smart government’. CivicConnect™ is the result of the urgent need to aggregate, connect and analyze data, e-services and digital data across various sectors. The platform connects government data sources, commercial data sources as well as the vast array of unstructured data sources that are now exploding in the digital public sphere.

The product has found traction in key industries including Public Transportation, Water and Energy, Mobility, Regional Planning, Education,Culture &Community, E-government Services and Economic Development to name a few.

The Roadmap Ahead

CRG is taking their products and services to a new level by enabling them across all aspects of the Cloud. Guiding public sector entities on their journey to the Cloud is another key strategy. Finally, recognizing the emergence of new technologies, CRG plans to keep pace and incorporate them into the current CRG offerings through strategic partnerships with technology vendors.


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