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Gregory G. Curtin, Ph.D Founder & CEO
Gregory G. Curtin, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Civic Resource Group International (CRG), recognized early on that the Internet was going to have a transformative impact on the broad public sector. A key part of this transformation is that citizens in the digital world make no distinction who actually provides services as long as they are timely and convenient. CRG was founded with this mission of “Fulfilling the Promise of Technology™” and for more than a decade has been offering innovative solutions that enable governments and the public sector to provide better services, engage citizens, develop sustainable communities and enhance the quality of life. Now leading providers of Mobile/Cloud/Data First solutions for the broad public sector, CRG is expanding its offerings and reach in 2015. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Company has locations in Silicon Valley, Dublin, Ireland, and London, UK, with additional U.S. and international locations planned.

As people, businesses and “things” become ever more connected, governments have to extend beyond their traditional boundaries. There is a new mobile and Cloud paradigm out there, and “…the broad public sector is challenged to adopt this new paradigm, but without sacrificing their core competencies. We not only understand this new model, we are a part of shaping it,” says Dr. Curtin. A perfect example of CRG’s “shaping” of this new environment is its flagship product, CivicConnect™, the first comprehensive Mobile/Cloud/Data First Platform delivered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) for the broad public sector. CivicConnect™ was developed to address changing public sector needs resulting from the massive move to the Cloud and mobile. “The CivicConnect™ Platform connects people, places and things in the digital world,” says Dr.Curtin.

CivicConnect™ can be utilized horizontally across government and organizations to connect new data and service offerings to citizens through all digital channels: smartphones, kiosks, digital signage, sensors, in-vehicle apps, wearables, etc. The CivicConnect™ product line includes business-specific applications for the public sector: CivicConnect™ SmartCity, CivicConnect™ Water, CivicConnect™ Parking, CivicConnect™ Travel Relationship Management, CivicConnect™ Asset Management, and others.
These solutions have been implemented for clients as varied as the City of San Diego, the Irish National Tourism Authority, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the United Nations.

We are now in the era of mobile EVERYTHING … the government and the public sector are squarely at the center of the Internet of Things, the Internet of 'everything' if you will, and Civic Resource Group is right there helping them make this huge transition

CRG is entering an exciting phase with the acquisition of i3T Mobile out of Dublin, Ireland. The new mobile platform includes patented technology around mobile Augmented Reality (AR), geo-directional search (mobile “pointable” search) and mobile teleportation, and is fully integrated into CivicConnect™. CRG is at the forefront of servicing the “Mobile Citizenry,” enabling users to interact with their civic environment anytime, anywhere and in whatever manner they desire. With CivicConnect™ Mobile/Cloud/Data-First offerings, governments can provide rich new data and services, and citizens will actually be able to “see” the data and interact with it. “Engaging the new mobile citizens through these connected digital experiences represents the future for the broad public sector. Governments and organizations that are making the Mobile/Cloud/Data First transition now will be successful in this hyper-connected world; those that wait will not,” concludes Dr. Curtin.

Civic Resource Group International - CRG

Los Angeles, CA

Gregory G. Curtin, Ph.D Founder & CEO

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