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Kyle Farhat, President & CEO
When Kyle Farhat, an entrepreneur, ventured into the realm of medical billing solutions, the arena was replete with solutions that were expensive and restricted to claims processing. With ClaimTek Systems, Farhat disrupted the medical billing industry by offering solutions that not only covered claims processing but also were enriched with revenue cycle and practice management functionalities. Backed by comprehensive, scalable, and flexible solutions, ClaimTek today contributes substantially to client’s needs and successes with personal training and consulting for business development.“We have been in the medical billing industry for more than 26 years, aiding physicians as well as hundreds of medical billing companies and healthcare payers with our best-in-class software and personalized approach,” states Farhat.

The ever-changing insurance regulations and low reimbursements are causing healthcare providers to operate more like a business. Burdened with a lack of business acumen and inefficient revenue cycle management they struggle to stay profitable while focusing more on patient care delivery. ClaimTek’s team works in the trenches with physicians to revitalize their medical billing and practice management operations. “Our ability to communicate a clear plan of action is our key differentiator in today’s healthcare industry that is heavily influenced by vendors, software and insurance companies, and government.”

With multiple streams of revenue all under the ClaimTek umbrella, the company has turned a medical billing/ practice management business venture into a simple step-by-step process. These processes are embodied into the company’s simple and intuitive solutions. To elaborate, MedOffice® and DentOffice® practice management and billing software provide optimal flexibility and scalability as they can be used on the cloud or locally. The solutions can generate hundreds of financial reports and are enabled with automation features that reduce the time required in billing and claims processing. They can handle billing for all specialties and for facilities of all sizes, from small clinics to hospitals. Further, the company’s EHR system, EHR Manager®, integrates seamlessly with MedOffice, thereby tackling the data integration and revenue management constraints.
With a well-defined approach to collect the unpaid claims, ClaimTek aids in sustaining smooth relationships between physicians, patients, and health payers. ClaimTek’s solutions have round the clock accessibility and can be operated from anywhere, making it easier for startups to adopt them.

We have been in the medical billing industry for more than 26 years, aiding physicians as well as hundreds of medical billing companies and healthcare payers with our best-in-class software and personalized approach

Apart from their comprehensive solution suite, ClaimTek aids their licensees with effective consulting and training, unmatched support for business development, and distinctive marketing tools. ClaimTek assigns expert trainers to provide step-by-step guidance on every aspect of operation to licensees right from the onboarding stage. While the client prepares to approach a physician, personalized training is offered to boost confidence and make themselves presentable. ClaimTek’s marketing program offers a complete kit to plan the client’s advertising campaign with persuasive presentation techniques.

For instance, Kay Morrison, the president of Medical Billing Solutions, Bellevue, WA, started her billing company with the help of ClaimTek who guided her with a low-overhead business model and provided support in the customer onboarding process. Thanks to ClaimTek’s low cost and the ability to manage her business remotely, Kay, despite having an ailment, has been able to expand her company’s customer base and income year after year.

In the near future, ClaimTek plans to continue revolutionizing medical billing and improving clinical and financial outcomes by enhancing its software platforms. The company aims to provide a turn-key marketing strategy for billing, EHR, and advanced practice management solutions.

ClaimTek Systems

Irvine, CA

Kyle Farhat, President & CEO

Provides comprehensive solution in the field of medical billing, with additional features in consulting, training, support and marketing

ClaimTek Systems