Clairvoyant: Transforming IT Applications into Robust Strategies

Pankaj Gaddam, Principal
The rapid pace of digital revolution powered by disruptors such as open source technologies, cloud computing, and big data is changing the way business applications are architected. Today’s business environments require robust IT strategies for execution of complex projects. In sync with these immediate requirements is a Chandler-based company, Clairvoyant, that blends together expert engineering with a strategic approach to help transform the business. “Historically, CIOs have been responsible for the IT systems that powers their business’ operations, with the perception that these IT systems are cost-bearing and not necessarily a strategic asset,” notes Pankaj Gaddam, COO, Clairvoyant. “We work with CIOs to challenge this stereotype and help them on their path to transform their IT organization.”

Clairvoyant champions the trend of enabling lean architectures and technologies that can increase business agility—helping them not only achieve their mobile, analytics, and cloud strategy but also adapt to changes in business needs. “We leverage open source technologies, implement data driven philosophies, and strongly adhere to a partnership model to transform IT from within the organization,” explains Gaddam.

The firm’s technical consulting services include defining a cloud and mobile strategy/roadmap and architecting and implementing next generation products for their clients. “All our projects include cross functional teams that implement design thinking, customer focus, and data driven decisioning,” says Gaddam. “Many companies provide solutions that solely focus on platforms and infrastructure; and miss the boat by not focusing on the end to end product and user experience,” confides Gaddam.

The firm has an in house design studio in which user experience and product designers work on ideating and build-ing products along with the engineering teams.

We leverage open source technologies, implement data driven philosophies, and strongly adhere to a partnership model to transform IT from within the organization

In an instance, a Fortune 500 company approached Clairvoyant to implement a consumer facing platform within an accelerated timeline, leveraging open source technology and the power of the public cloud. This helped the client achieve a highly scalable platform with very low capital investment and long term scalability. “We work with our customers with the goal of picking the right technology for right job and complimenting it with efficiencies in long term maintenance” extols Gaddam. “Our expertise, architectural blueprints and repeatable solutions help us to provide quality solutions with predictable cadence”.

Clairvoyant recently launched its new Managed Services Offering for Analytics, “Insight” which is a comprehensive and turnkey solution to help organizations deal with the growing need to implement a Big Data Strategy. “CIOs are facing difficulties in creating the talent pool internally to power their Big Data initiatives,” says Gaddam. Clairvoyant has put together a highly efficient team specializing in operationalizing and scaling highly available Hadoop infrastructure for enterprise big data initiatives.

“Our culture of innovation and our focus on contributing back to the technology community helps us differentiate ourselves,” concludes Gaddam.


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Pankaj Gaddam, Principal

Clairvoyant specializes in providing services around Product Design, Cloud, Mobile and large scale Web applications