Clairvoyix: Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution (CHS) - Revolutionizing the Hospitality Marketing Database

Mike Schmitt, CEO
There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risks, while good businessmen run towards them. The same approach is also found in sports like surfing and skiing where the inherent risks test a person’s risk tolerance and perseverance. For both, the key is to lay the groundwork for risk assumptions by being acquainted with one's own limits. Paralleling this ideology to his penchant for thrilling sports, Mike Schmitt, CEO, Clairvoyix says, “balancing risk/reward mirrors my business style. Our customers benefit from our highly automated and industry specific set of marketing-friendly tools that help eliminate the risks associated with direct marketing.” Clairvoyix is a marketing technology and services company that leverages the power of customer data to create compelling campaigns that drive incremental revenue through loyalty and strong customer engagement.

Despite a growing awareness of the value of data-driven marketing, many hospitality marketers do not have the proper infrastructure in place, and therefore they lose the opportunity to maximize revenue. The significant factors restricting the adoption are the challenges of improving the systems’ ease-of-use, automating the entire marketing process, and the perceived expensive database architectures required.

As a remedy, Clairvoyix offers the Clairvoyix Hospitality Solutions (CHS), a cloud-based, web-browser accessed marketing automation system that requires no custom software development. CHS, deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of a custom system, performs data hygiene, guest segmentation, campaign deployment and ROI analysis, and consolidates guest history. "Because of CHS' deployment over the Internet, we can provide a marketing database platform without effecting the client’s operation or causing any downtime," remarks Schmitt. Additionally, the CHS web-browser accessed analytical reporting dashboards helps decision makers in marketing, through access to real-time metrics, including the ability to measure marketing campaign effectiveness.
"Our analytical dashboards give our clients the data they need to do their jobs, without placing any undue burden on IT resources.”

Schmitt understands that consistent and relevant communication is the key to generate loyalty and maximum spend on property. Making past guests aware of activities on property (e.g. a wine-maker dinner) and proactively rewarding loyal guests are critical to drive direct bookings. CHS enables clients to identify their loyal guests by providing a granular view of the customer-history database. Calling this a ‘Passive Loyalty’ concept, Schmitt simplifies, “Why burden a guest with the monitoring of a loyalty program when hotels have all the data to proactively reward their best customers?”

Numerous success stories are testament to Clairvoyix's services to its clients, but their engagement with an international hotel company is a trendsetter. The client wanted to target past guests who did not belong to their loyalty program for driving incremental revenue with 80 unique segments that would be used to test various offers. Clairvoyix developed a process to extract past guests from the marketing database for insertion into the segmentation matrix. An ROI process was also developed for each unique past guest by the matrix cell number. The client was able to determine the effect of various offers across different marketing channels down to the individual level and could determine which segment converts at a higher percentage.

Benefitting clients big and small (some with over 40 million unique profiled guests) Clairvoyix continues to improve the marketing platform ensuring clients are maximizing the ROI on their marketing technology investments. Looking forward, they want to target the Asia Pacific region and invest in a new product–‘Clairvoyix Database Valuator’. “It basically quantifies the value of a marketing database. For example, it can predict the future value of repeat business by analyzing past repeats and on-property spend,” concludes Schmitt.


Henderson, NV

Mike Schmitt, CEO

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