Clare Computer Solutions: Leveraging Symantec Security

Brad Mendonsa, CEO
In the current security landscape, cyber-crime is growing with intrusions becoming more common, dangerous and sophisticated. According to recent FBI records, there are over 12,000 security breach incidents reported leading to a total corporate loss of over $2 billion dollars. Hackers are evolving day-by-day, increasing the complexity of cyber-attacks and spreading malicious contents to both private and public sector networks. It is vital for every enterprise to ensure that they have the right security measures in place. Symantec is among the widely used security solutions and being a trusted partner of Symantec, Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) offers complete IT services, support and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in the security space. The company provides end-to-end cloud-based security solutions, to businesses across industries including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, insurance, service industries, legal, and hospitality to name a few.

CCS manages the entire process chain— helping enterprises to install Symantec software and products in their facility—and provides frequent security upgrades on the software and hardware. In addition, the firm also handles new and dynamically evolving cyber-security requirements. CCS empowers organizations to devise sound security policies and quickly implement solutions that effectively protect their data and mitigate risks in a cost effective manner. This is facilitated through multiple processes like disaster recovery and data backup, antivirus and anti-spam measures, robust company security policies, firewalls, vulnerability audits and assessments. It also includes keeping workstations, server operating systems, and applications up to date and patched to prevent software infection from spreading in to software networks.

To effectively safeguard enterprises from ransomware, CCS conducts Ransomware Survival Guide events that cover tactics for prevention of attacks and recovery of infected component to a pre-infection state. The guide events help their clients to achieve security benefits through technology, policies and education. “These ransomware education workshops will be invaluable for companies because so often the user education addresses ransomware’s most common attack vectors,” says Brad Mendonsa, CEO, CCS. The events educate employees and help them prevent practices that lead to the spread of malware and best practices for limiting the ability of ransomware to infect their systems.

These ransomware education workshops will be invaluable for companies because so often the user education addresses ransomware’s most common attack vectors

This also includes best practices for containing the damage if ransomware infection has already occurred.

Additionally, the ransomware prevention training also includes defense practices against the latest techniques including “spear phishing”. Symantec’s new Antivirus and Malware programs include products that work well for this service and CCS is well positioned in configuring “Group Policies” to implement software restriction policies. This can effectively prevent the threat of ransomware from running in the protected system areas.

Over and above, the most important offering from CCS is the constant backup schemes that work as a solid prevention method. To enhance the overall backup solutions, the company has partnered with leading providers in image-based backups systems like Datto, Storagecraft, and Veeam.

CCS offers a variety of IT security support and consulting services to identify root causes of issues and bring resolutions to problems quickly. The firm’s expert service team offers round the clock services to always maintain a secured IT environment.

The exponential increase in web-based transactions with businesses constantly consolidating internet based workflows and cloud-based operational frameworks, managing a safe and secure IT infrastructure is becoming ever more complex. Through their alliance with Symantec, CCS is striving to help enterprises seamlessly defend against virus, malware and ransomware, cost effectively.

Clare Computer Solutions

San Ramon, CA

Brad Mendonsa, CEO

Partnering with Symantec to efficiently protect enterprise IT environment from malwares, ransomwares and other cyber-crimes