Clari: Predictive Sales Analytics to Drive Action

Andy Byrne, CEO
Organizations are increasingly implementing CRM software to accelerate their business growth, manage sales processes, predict, and deliver or exceed their sales revenue, leading to an enhanced long-term customer relationship. However, executives face issues trying to gain a proper visibility into deal progress, understanding representative’s activity, and lack of knowledge of the customer’s interest, resulting in inaccurate forecasts, and lower sales productivity. “CRM is a starting point, but it is time consuming to use and woefully inadequate in delivering insight and predictive analytics,” says Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari. With a strong focus on addressing forecasting accurately and delivering on the sales commitment, Clari delivers predictive sales analytics to drive action.

We offer new visibility and insight into sales representative’s activity, enhance customer journey, and deal progress

The firm eliminates manual data entry—saving time and increasing data quality by automatically capturing and analyzing CRM, email, calendar, and other critical data sources to help sales teams drive revenue and forecast accurately. “We offer new visibility and insight into sales representative’s activity, the true customer journey, and deal progress,” states Byrne. Clari harnesses advanced data science to expose at-risk deals, assess customer interest, and help managers and executives deliver forecast accuracy. Clari’s configurable dashboards deliver clarity into the entire business which helps executives to deliver an overall sales forecast supported by machine learning. “And when detailed questions come up on critical deals, they can drill down to know minute-by-minute selling activity and deal status,” says Byrne.

“Because we automatically integrate directly to a reps email and calendar, we slash timeconsuming, manual entry of data,” asserts Byrne. At the same time, Clari reduces manual research time as the data science surfaces customer and industry news prior to the sales call and alerts reps about promising prospects overdue for a call. “Through this process, sales reps save time and gains new insight into deal progress,” he adds.

Clari makes it easy for reps to focus on the right things at the right time and eliminates the time-consuming process of updating deals. Clari offers a mobile personal assistant that prompts the sales teams with questions the rep can answer with a tap or slide on their smartphone. “The Clari mobile assistant goes beyond data collection to offer alerts to representatives on methods to better engage customers and close deals faster,” says Byrne.

“We are re-imagining both user experience and how data science can enable a stronger and more effective sales team,” says Byrne.The company has a Clari Graph, similar to the Facebook Graph, that connects to various content sources to convert disparate data into themes that matter like people, communication flow, and deals.

The intelligence of the Clari Graph helps organizations predict more accurately and recommend actions for better results. “Our ability to analyze sales activity, customer engagement, and past patterns to predict whether a deal will close, sets us ahead of the competition,” claims Byrne. Clari also surfaces insights to strengthen the relationship and offers recommendations on the best person to contact next.

Moving forward, Clari aims to continue in helping sales executives and managers forecast accurately with complex selling—evaluating the probability of any particular deal that will close, and boosting sales effectiveness. “We see the future as the end of guess-driven forecasting, the death of manual data entry, and an entire sales team, using a single system to call the number and make the number quarter after quarter,” concludes Byrne.


Mountain View, CA

Andy Byrne, CEO

Provides predictive sales analytics that delivers insight to drive action, increase revenue, improve forecast accuracy, and boost sales productivity.