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Kelly Ratcliff, CEO
Procurement is intertwined with several core business functions, and as such, it is considered a core component of an organization’s corporate strategy. An organization can spend a significant part of its revenue on purchasing innovative and emerging technology solutions to increase operational efficiency. The slightest decrease in purchasing costs can positively impact profits, while a lack of strategic planning can put the company’s financial health and reputation at risk. Procuring new technology solutions can help organizations streamline workflows, increase visibility and coordination between departments while mitigating disruptions. The need of the hour is a reliable partner with extensive market and technology knowledge to plan and assess purchases strategically, provide knowledge of the solution landscape, find authentic suppliers, and guide the company towards digital transformation.

Clarify360, an IT consultancy and strategic sourcing firm, partners with the client to optimize their business processes empowering them to grow strategically. Clarify360 takes a proactive role in reducing complexity and continuously looks for ways to optimize its clients’ organizations through technology. While doing so, it focuses on both the short term and long term strategic needs, and assists in deploying customized solutions that add value to the clients’ organizations.

Clarify360 does rigorous research about the latest products in the market and also analyzes the client requirements before suggesting to deploy new technology solutions. Further, the detailed understanding of client network topology, pain points, and a detailed timeline helps Clarify360 to cut out any previously deployed ineffective technologies, relieves clients from incurring unnecessary costs and provides a useful technology for improved performance and productivity. The company then engages with carriers and partners within their portfolio and explains the client’s ultimate goal, whether they are multi-pronged, immediate, or long-term needs.

“Our clients can rely on us as a partner for life, and we deliver our services after understanding their future goals,” says, Kelly Ratcliff, CEO of Clarify360.

Based on the client’s needs assessment, Clarify360 prepares an extensive action plan in which the client is given choices to select their preferred carrier to deliver them the required tailored solutions. After implementation, Clarify360 verifies if the deployed solution is functioning according to the client’s requirements and they are crossing their pre-decided milestones accordingly.

Our clients can rely on us as a partner for life, and we deliver our services after understanding their future goals

Moreover, after the contract period of the solution carrier expires, Clarify360 analyses the efficiency of previously deployed technology to decide whether it is helping the organization meet their expectations or to opt for new solutions.

The key differentiating factor of Clarify360 is its billing methodology. “At Clarify360, we empower companies to stay current with new technologies by advising them on the latest trends and benefits. The IT solution landscape is becoming increasingly complex – we bring clarity to the evaluation process for our clients,” says Ratcliff.

The Clarify360 model is unique in that it doesn’t charge its clients directly; instead, the firm charges the solution providers selected by its clients. “We only win when a best fit solution is identified and implemented for our clients and we’re confident in our ability to drive long term value for their organizations,” says Jo Peterson, VP Cloud Services and Security of Clarify360.

In one instance, Ratcliff recalls working with a large pharmaceutical company which had around 17000 devices and had subscribed to multiple mobile plans. Clarify360 cross-matched the current usage of data on the client’s existing platforms and compared them with new plans available in the market. Based on detailed analysis and an optimization report, the client was able to make necessary tweaks and achieve 42 percent savings without even changing the mobile service providers.

Clarify360 is working on security products and services as organizations are more frequently outsourcing security functionality due to lack of security talent to hire as well as a more dynamic threat landscape. The firm is currently working with a large casino on IoT security and aims to deliver tailored, effective solutions that create long-term business value.


Aliso Viejo, CA

Kelly Ratcliff, CEO and Jo Peterson, VP Cloud Services & Security

Clarify360 is a digital enterprise consulting firm specializing in the discovery, planning, and migration of cloud / colocation, connectivity, collaboration, and security deployments. Clarify360 assists in designing a new environment through baseline assessment, stakeholder review, RFP development, solution sourcing, negotiation, installation, and ongoing support. The firm delivers proven, repeatable process to dramatically improve strategic and economic value of their client’s organization to provide clients a complete project installation and project management. Clarity360 conducts detailed reviews of supplier billing data to identify contract discrepancies and opportunities to optimize existing provider services