Clarive Software: Lean Application Delivery Approach

Rodrigo Gonzalez, CEO
The rapidly changing business requirement and the increasing need to stay ahead have compelled enterprises to continuously bring out new and innovative products in the market. Enterprises are now implementing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to help various teams involved in the software development process into an efficient communication and deliver products on time. With business users spread globally, collaboration amongst them is often a challenging task. In addition, different teams use different development approaches, which make the progress tracking process difficult. “Insight and control over end-to-end application delivery process is often hard to obtain due to the spread of information and inability to normalize the available input,” begins Rodrigo Gonzalez, CEO, Clarive Software. In such a scenario organizations need a lean application delivery approach that will allow stakeholders to collaborate without being limited by location, platform or tools. With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Clarive is a single-tool solution that assists application delivery teams with end-to-end process, release, deployment, automation and asset management with real-time insight.

Clarive is a highly customizable, pragmatic DevOps solution that supports bimodal IT on all available platforms. Clarive is designed for easy integration bi-directionally with any ALM related tools like service and configuration management tools, testing tools and build management solutions. “Clarive is cloud-based software that can be easily installed on premise,” says Gonzalez. The tool can be deployed to a wide-range of platforms—from legacy to new, including open systems, Unix, Linux, databases, mainframe, ERPs, CRMs and mobile.

The company takes pride in its hyper flexible and granular implementation of automation. With a notion to continuously improve, Clarive configures objects including transition, deployment rules, forms, reports, and dashboards with full version control using a single database to offer an unparalleled end-to-end insight, as well as a full change history and change/blame reporting for ultimate agility and controlled improvement support.
Since inception, Clarive has been providing enterprise class ALM and its solution is highly valued by several companies such as Orange, Telefónica, Sabadell Bank, BNP Paribas and the Spanish Central Bank. For instance, one of the world’s top-5 telecommunications companies was facing issues managing massive releases, with multi-million dollar expenses in release management due to a slow deployment operations team that executed many manual procedures. The company’s ALM, build and deployment practices were unable to support the company’s strategic goals. The key challenges included lack of visibility and control throughout the environment, and inability to scale with the organization.

Clarive helped in controlling and automating the telecom’s software with a continuous build and deployment process for both their legacy and new applications, improving collaboration between the different stakeholders and creating a culture of continuous delivery that improved time-to-market by 65 percent with a significant increase in release frequency while reducing the release team from 70 people to only 15. Clarive has also proven its capabilities to keep complete traceability from the changed lines of code to implement an RFC to the deployment job to production; keeping track of all the bugs detected in every stage and giving easy, central access to quality analysis and tests execution results.

Clarive is the only single-tool DevOps solution that supports bimodal IT on all available platforms

Moving forward, Clarive aims to strengthen its leadership in the DevOps space by disrupting the ALM arena with a leaner tool with a post modern approach to application lifecycle management. “In the future, we want to be known for our flexibility and adaptability to specific needs of the organization,” asserts Gonzalez.

Clarive Software

Madrid, Spain

Rodrigo Gonzalez, CEO

Creates on-premises and hosted lifecycle management, release orchestration and DevOps automation tools that help enterprises integrate and accelerate all aspects of the production of software.