Clarkston Consulting: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Mission- Critical Initiatives

Tom Finegan, CEO, Co-Founder
In the current business scenario, several healthcare reforms and shifting market demands are transforming the life sciences industry on a global scale. With pricing pressures and emerging markets reforming the way pharmaceutical companies operate, contract manufacturers are also forced to transform the way they operate. Nowadays, patients, providers, payers, and regulators are demanding a higher quality of care and other benefits, combined with reduced costs and enhanced transparency. Several leading life science companies need to address these challenges and consider ways to improve organizational efficiency. Headquartered in Durham, NC, Clarkston Consulting offers a unique experience for market leaders within the life sciences industry. The company offers proven expert capabilities through highly successful implementation services from developing the strategy to roadmap, and concluding with skilled transition and support services.

Most of the life science companies require a transformation to influence the patients and coax them to purchase the product. The sales force representatives have two primary targets: the patient and all the patient’s influencers, such as doctors, pharmacists, and payers. When selling to the influencers, sales representatives must be equipped with information and data to support why a product offers superior value. Life science organizations must improve their sales and marketing effectiveness, while remaining within current and emerging regulatory boundaries. The company being known for their ability to partner with their clients to deliver projects on-time and on-budget provides solutions to their clients by addressing their key issues including sales, marketing optimization and analysis, commercial compliance, demand and customer-facing technology.

Clarkston Consulting aims in providing quality in every product they offer. According to the company, the key activity in optimizing product quality is critically assessing the quality systems against proven quality. Success Check is a formal structured methodology that is used to take the accurate pulse of the project. The methodology is tailored according to the needs of the organization.

To remain sought-after in the marketplace, we need to continue using our specialized industry expertise and perspective in solving complex problems for our clients

“The key to a good Success Check is to ask the right questions, probe when eeded, and compare it to what we consider as a best practice,” says Neil Nelson President and Co-founder, Clarkston Consulting. A mature quality system is harmonized to global regulatory standards because it is efficient, effective, and sustainable.

With people driven by passion for service and commitment, Clarkston consulting offers the best client service which attracts repeat businesses, client referrals, and industry leading Net Promoter Score. Clarkston Consulting has worked with clients such as Entegris, Honeywell, and Sara Lee. Highlighting a case study, Banner Phamacaps, a global gelatin-based drug delivery and specialty pharmaceutical company, chose to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that would allow them to manage the continued expansion of their business. Banner worked with Clarkston Consulting to implement an integrated SAP solution that improved their business processes and allowed them to build tighter relationships with both their customers and vendors.

Leveraging pharmaceutical best practices to drive the global design, allowed Banner to standardize their core processes by providing great developments to Banner.

Going forward, Clarkston Consulting will be an integrator of business solutions to several clients promoting business growth and market diversification. “We believe our history drives our vision and our strong culture, that strives to meet the very high expectations of our clients, our stewards, and our firm,” says Tom Finegan, CEO, Co-Founder, Clarkston Consulting.

Clarkston Consulting

Durham, NC

Tom Finegan, CEO, Co-Founder

The Company provides Innovative solutions to maintain the operational efficiency and meet the increasing demands of the Life Sciences industry