CleanAirZone: Pioneering a Green Approach to Air Purification

Stephane Ifrah, COO;Serge Hoyda, President and CEO; David Podmayersky, Chief Sustainability Officer Very few pleasures in life are quite as relaxing as stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air. But this is a luxury that we may not be able to afford anymore as a society. Ironic as it may seem, the quest to enhance our lives and build a more advanced society has oddly damaged our world to nearly a point of no coming back. Mismanagement and overutilization of resources alongside disregard for environmental safety and lack of control measures would soon pollute every bit of water we drink and the air we inhale. Ask the residents of some of the most populated and polluted cities, and they would testify that air quality is as worse indoors as they are outdoors.

Chronic health problems such as asthma are directly linked to poor air quality. Prolonged exposure to certain contaminants can even lead to life-threatening medical conditions. Further, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay inside most of the time, indoor air quality has become an area of bigger concern. The pandemic is not over yet, and some studies show that enhancing indoor air quality could effectively reduce aerosol transmission of viruses.

That being said, how do we improve air quality inside the buildings and reduce pollution?

Today, many address this challenge by implementing HVAC systems that work perfectly in the initial phase. But later, clogged and dirty air filters create a myriad of problems, significantly reducing indoor air quality. The question then becomes, is there a better way? For billions of years, nature has combined bacteria and water to cleanse the atmosphere. But, nobody imagined that this process could be replicated in indoor spaces until CleanAirZone (CAZ), a green-tech company, merged nature with technology and developed an inherently sustainable technology to improve indoor air quality. CleanAirZone's scientists spent almost a decade replicating the atmospheric cleansing process that purifies the air, utilizing the same type of enzymes that cleansed the atmosphere almost three billion years ago. "Our air purifying system dubbed CleanAirZone system is the only green technology capable of capturing and eliminating all types of airborne pathogens, particulates, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)," mentions Serge Hoyda, President and CEO of the company.

Unlike many mechanical air purifying devices, CleanAirZone is a living bio-system that fits right at home, workplace, warehouses, growing environments, and any other indoor spaces. CAZ works as a standalone system or in conjunction with any HVAC system. This revolutionary green approach leaves nothing harmful but clean, healthy air, making it an excellent choice for purifying the air in different indoor environments where airborne pathogens and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) cause severe health issues. The technology creates a clean indoor space through a natural process that requires no filters, creating zero by-products.

A Perfect Technology that Replicates Nature

CleanAirZone's air purifying device replicates nature's biological ecosystems and captures, ingests, and digests the contaminants within the units.

The company accomplishes this completely biological process through a combination of live biology, water, and active enzymes.
The process starts with the capturing phase, where the purifier traps pollutants inside the device using an efficient water wash capture method. Once the device traps the contaminants, they are digested by the enzymes contained in the BioCAZ Solution - a unique biological formula dissolved in water. The solution contains a mixture of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes combined in a proprietary formula perfected by nature over millions of years. This solution can completely destroy the pollutants—rendering them non-detectable even at the DNA level and converting them into harmless by-products through bio-oxidation.

CleanAirZone incorporates the dynamics of flowing water and power biology in the design of its patented air purification technology. The purifier pulls the surrounding air into its core, forcing it to interact with flowing water. Subsequently, the device scrubs the air using a high-efficiency water wash method.

CleanAirZone's bespoke approach eliminates even the most dangerous air contaminants and viruses, including coronavirus, gases, odors, and microorganisms. The device comes without any filters or UV bulbs, making maintenance easy and cost-effective. More importantly, as the device utilizes bio air purification technology that works perfectly, it runs without any negative environmental impact. Unlike conventional mechanical air purifying systems that gradually degrade, CAZ's green technology never loses its ability to maintain airflow and becomes stronger over time with a naturally increasing biology count in the liquid.

CAZAG helps growers achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by reducing crop contamination and preventing food wastage

Answering the Imminent Crisis

CleanAirZone's technology can play a critical role in any IPM (Integrated Pest Management Plan) as controlling airborne disease caused by VOC contamination is vital to consistent and healthy food production. According to recent research conducted by the United Nations, the world's food consumption rate is projected to double by the end of 2050. In order to increase global food production, countries will have to dedicate 70 percent of the available freshwater to agriculture. However, when many countries cope with severe water scarcity and arable land loss, they can no longer afford such enormous quantities of water for traditional farming. In this regard, the single most important avenue for managing water demand is through increasing agricultural productivity by employing a tech-based approach such as CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture).

However, despite better-controlled ventilation and irrigation in CEA systems, disease and chemical damage can result in losses of almost 75,000 dollars per acre for growers annually. Plant diseases in a typical greenhouse may cost as much as 15 percent of potential income. On top of that, severe pest damage can take another 10 percent from the farmers' bottom line.

CleanAirZone addresses these issues with its biotech air purification system for growing environments dubbed Clean Air Zone AG (CAZAG).

The device captures and destroys 99.9 percent of harmful indoor air contaminants, molds, bacteria, and plant viruses present in greenhouses, bringing significant benefits to farmers.
CleanAirZone's air purifying device can also be used in the pre-production and post-production phase, where agricultural yields are often exposed to pathogens while handling and packaging. Unfortunately, many post-harvest pathogens produce toxins that lead to premature spoilage and reduced shelf life, further adding to the losses. In addition, plant disease can devastate natural ecosystems, compounding environmental problems caused by habitat loss and poor land management. "In essence, CAZAG helps growers achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by reducing crop contamination and preventing food wastage," says David Podmayersky, Chief Sustainability Officer at CleanAirZone.

What makes CAZAG an excellent choice for IPM is its exceptional scalability that allows farmers to deploy the solution in small greenhouses and large commercial indoor grow houses. The company holds production models capable of controlling the air space of vast commercial growing facilities and has achieved great success. Such large indoor grow environments require a remote system that is piped into the air space. There is no limit to the size and scalability of these types of systems as growers can keep adding on modular units to increase the capacity.

"Our air purifying system is the only green technology capable of capturing and eliminating all types of airborne pathogens, particulates, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)."

CleanAirZone's technology can be customized based on the client's requirements and can be deployed in any kind of indoor growing environment, such as aeroponics, aquaponics, hydroponics, and soil-based farming operations. Many grow environments require open-loop systems that continuously circulate air into the facility. As each of these indoor environments holds unique fluid dynamics, CleanAirZone's scientists identify the pollutants present in the air before deploying the system. By leveraging an algorithm to quantify these pollutants and identify the fluid dynamics, the team designs a perfect purifying system for the given airspace. They also evaluate the infrastructure and the logistics of the space to manage airflow control of the device.

Partnering for a Bright Future

CleanAirZone is open to collaborating with the right partners to commercialize the company's product. The company is actively running pilot programs to demonstrate the efficiency and efficacy of the product. Recently, they have completed the filing of a U.S. patent for CAZ that can be incorporated into medium-sized or large indoor facilities. In addition, CAZ has entered an exclusive worldwide partnership agreement with Smarter AgTech, a distribution partner with a wide network in CEA, which will accelerate the product's market penetration.

CleanAirZone is also pursuing strategic partnerships for installation and maintenance with companies working in the AgTech space. The US Department of Defense has contracted with CAZ for system development of units for the military by providing healthy and clean air to those in the Veterans Administration housing and health care system, who have been exposed to smoke, fumes, exhaust, and other mechanical fumes. Major agricultural research institutions such as Cornell University, University of Connecticut, and CanadaAG Research are pursuing research to verify the decontamination capabilities of the technology. The company will soon complete the development of large-scale central units that can purify the air in large growing environments. "With such capabilities, CleanAirZone offers an efficient biological solution for a biologically created problem," mentions Stephane Ifrah, COO of the company.


Corona, NY

Stephane Ifrah, COO;Serge Hoyda, President and CEO; David Podmayersky, Chief Sustainability Officer

CleanAirZone is a unique NextGen Green Bio-Tech air purification company that has developed and patented an industry-first organic biotechnology air purification system.