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Mickey Patton, President & CEO
Today, organizations are transcending more toward data-driven practices that not only augment greater productivity and revenue, but also construct great customer relationships. Mickey Patton, the President & CEO of Clear C2 reminisces about the era where CRM and sales processes were mainly dependent on on-premise solutions. Due to the absence of cloud technologies, operational data was collected manually to be fed into the existing system. To ease the sales and after-sales process, Clear C2 assists their clients to manage their accounts with comprehensive and real-time information. “Engaging with our clients at the beginning allows us to develop solutions which are best aligned to the existing systems and practices that they have in place,” asserts Patton. Over the years, the company has served various manufacturers in the U.S. by providing their sales team with tools for collaboration, sharing information and also the ability to track relevant opportunities. This empowers sales leaders with a convenient and a reliable way to predict revenue, optimize sales, and evaluate progress and efficiency of the sales team. Clear C2 caters to every enterprise from small to large manufacturers and provides scalable solutions to bring transparency and control access that drives toward measurable outcomes.

Patton mentions that to survive in today’s volatile business environment, it is necessary for a manufacturer to become customer-centric rather than product-centric. C2CRM understands these facets and presents a 360-degree role-based way to tackle different customer-facing touch points. The company’s ship tracking module provides users with detailed customer information, while the sales management product offers a quote and proposal generation forecasting system which enables users to track revenue efficiently. The company delivers fuss-free and easy to implement CRM platform that assists clients to improve productivity and sales. Tailor-made and straightforward to use, salesforce automation products tackle matters such as customer support and management issues in the pipeline and activity management.

Engaging with our clients at the beginning allows us to develop solutions which are best aligned with the existing systems and practices that they have in place

To manage both structured and unstructured information, C2CRM follows a unique knowledge-based approach to help the management team of their clients by empowering them with a login to the prototype environment before it is online. Also, customers have the flexibility of choice pertaining to adopting the platform, as it is available both on SaaS and on-premise deployments.

Patton talks about one of their customers, a manufacturer who initially didn’t have a streamlined channel to maintain and manage end consumer relations. Their client interactions remained restricted to their distributor and supply chain networks. By adopting the C2CRM platform, they were able to maintain portals for both end customers and distributors; and experienced significant improvements in their CRM process. With the help of the platform, the customer is now able to drive their marketing and selling process directly to their clients by engaging with their projects effectively.

As a part of its future endeavors, the Clear C2 team will introduce a new innovative user interface framework concentrating mainly on the flow and data presentation. They are also planning to invest in modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning and also work on the supply chain logistics. “By adopting these tools, we are looking to develop a system that makes a recommendation based upon the business model of the customers,” concludes Patton.

Clear C2, Inc

Coppell, TX

Mickey Patton, President & CEO

Provides CRM for the manufacturing industries both on-premise and the cloud

Clear C2, Inc