Clear Insight FPM Inc.: Agile Methodology to Improve ROI and Drive Business Growth

Susan Malik, President
The rapid pace of progress in the emerging technologies of Cloud computing, Mobile accessibility and Social analytics is enabling CIOs to deliver “a new way to work” to their user communities. With the addition of powerful new security layers, CIOs can enable on-the-fly analytics and optimized fact-based decision making, directly into the hands of people who need it, when they need it, wherever they need it and in the format they need it.

The main challenge for modern CIOs however, does not lie in understanding the new technologies, but rather in understanding when the apex of the curve of time, cost and business need is optimum for transition to these new technologies. When do I adopt or when is it actually better to stay with legacy solutions? Adopting new technologies at the right time is of utmost importance in today’s competitive business landscape and that is where Clear Insight emerges as clear winner. “With our proprietary business discovery process, we correlate our clients’ business needs, budget, and timing, to establish the best fit of available technology,” begins Susan Malik, President, Clear Insight. Through the usage of a proprietary agile implementation methodology, the firm delivers rapid ROI and is in a position to quickly and easily pivot as the business needs change.

“As an experienced IBM Partner our customers get the best of both worlds,” smiles Susan, ”they get a long-term relationship with a dependable Clear Insight team and a strong collaboration with IBM.” Clear Insight likes IBM solutions because they are built to grow as the customer’s needs grow, whether you are a departmental workgroup, a fast growing company or a multinational. They are fully integrated with each other and easily connect to existing legacy systems of record.

Clear Insight delivers excellence in—Cognos TM1, Cognos Disclosure Management, Cognos BI and in legacy solutions such as IBM Clarity 7 and FSR. “We take pride in giving back time, confidence, and control through the implement of our solutions,” says Susan.

We deliver implementation services, training, support, and guidance throughout our client's business process

By leveraging IBM technologies, they have delivered reduced budget cycle times, optimized revenue planning, automated financial reporting, and customized executive dashboards. “Our clients tell us how our training, support, and mentoring throughout the solution implementation makes all the difference” adds Susan.

“Let’s be clear” says Susan “planning and analytics is a discipline that all companies need but this is not a one-size-fits-all proposition”. For example, among our many solutions, Clear Insight has a specific solution for the Performing Arts / Pro Sports industry and another for the Banking and Credit Union sector. One supports theatre and stadium seating and ticketing optimization while the other facilitates the understanding of future changes in interest rates.

“While traditional business analytics gives the foundation to understand where our clients are, we are excited when we can bring in advanced analytics to help them understand how they got there and then predictive analytics to show them how to optimize future outcomes” says Susan. Clear Insight can deliver advanced analytics to everyone with IBM Watson analytics and powerful enterprise predictive analytics with IBM SPSS. The core focus for Clear Insight is ensuring they are always addressing business needs, delivering new insights and driving business performance.

Companies that do not have a grasp on these issues and leverage the wrong professional services firms will be left behind. Clear Insight takes care to optimize the use of latest technological trends to ensure their clients stay ahead and drive growth moving forward.

Clear Insight FPM Inc.

Oakville, ON

Susan Malik, President

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