ClearDB: Delivering Database Performance and Scalability for IBM Cloud

Allen Holmes, VP, Marketing
Digital transformation is becoming a core revenue generating business for many companies. As a result, many CIOs are deploying resources in the cloud and moving legacy workloads to the cloud in order to improve employee productivity and the customer experience, while reducing costs at the same time.A common method for implementing a digital transformation is to leverage open source databases including the MySQL ecosystem. Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) simplifies the process of achieving scale, cost efficiency and fast time to market for solutions that drive the business.

“Data is the new business currency. As it becomes more valuable and critical, businesses want to deploy new databases more quickly and securely while avoiding the costs associated with big infrastructure projects,” said Allen Holmes, VP, Marketing at ClearDB.

ClearDB is helping companies rethink the boundaries between their database and their applications. The company’s fully-managed MySQL database service enables IT organizations to scale without the overhead of standing up and managing infrastructure that often adversely impacts the time to market of critical applications.

ClearDB provides single-tenant and multi-tenant “fully managed” database services across a broad client base. ClearDB’s MySQL database service is an integrated third party solution within IBM’s cloud which is ClearDB’s fastest growing cloud partner. Since the early days of SoftLayer to the current Bluemix cloud platform, ClearDB has been an enabling database technology for a diverse set of applications that have embraced IBM’s simplistic and scalable architecture. Instead of focusing solely on the “speeds and feed” of their cloud infrastructure, IBM’s cloud services strategy aims to deliver value add solutions that empower data driven decision making. This strategy along with their historical success with large and medium-to-small enterprise companies is driving adoption of ClearDB’s proven DBaaS offering.

With over 200,000 databases served, ClearDB has been a key enabler of web and mobile applications, IoT applications, MySQL supported applications, and numerous cloud database integrations. ClearDB’s services framework is designed for cloud orchestration and provisioning in both an automated and self-service manner, giving customers an opportunity to thrive on cutting edge, high performing applications.

As companies embark on their own digital transformations, ClearDB is helping them rethink the boundaries between the database and their applications to simplify the process

ClearDB accelerates the performance of business applications, empowering companies to deliver a real-time response to increasingly demanding business requirements.

Of equal importance to performance is fault tolerance which ensures high availability of the database across regions regardless of the operational challenges in the distributed data center environments. With any cloud provider it’s important to have redundancy across geographical regions and ClearDB does this with a white glove service that provides an added level of protection. The company monitors the health of master nodes in a ClearDB database cluster and automatically re-routes traffic in the event a master becomes unavailable. This automatic failover process typically occurs in just milliseconds, ensuring that an application can continue to run uninterrupted even if its primary database master should completely fail.

The company recently released a fully managed, multi-cloud, single tenant database system that uses enhanced telemetry to provide a deeper look at datastore infrastructure and utilization. It leverages the latest Linux-based cloud VMs to deliver enhanced reliability and performance of its MySQL database service.

As the global DBaaS market is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of more than 65% through 2020, ClearDB is well positioned to leverage its expertise to deliver theworld’s best MySQL DBaaS experience. For companies looking to make the move from self-managed to fully managed database as a service in the cloud, ClearDB can recommend solutions that are right-sized to meetbusiness objectives while also accommodating the architectural requirements of open source and custom applications.


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Allen Holmes, VP, Marketing

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