Clearsense: Open Platform to Ensure Data Connectivity in Healthcare Organizations

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS CIO & CTO
In recent years and across all regions and areas of health care provision, the sector is becoming more consolidated, orchestrated, and corporate. One major reason for this evolution is the recent rise in multinational health care companies that are based in emerging markets. As a result, the private markets for health care are tremendously increasing. The private sector in many countries are concerned for the required investment in resources to engage technologies for greater accessibil¬ity, a higher perceived quality of services and the continuity of care for the patients. “Additionally, the market does not re¬quire just a technology fix, it needs par¬allel assistance in the form of process and workflow changes, to support advancing technologies,” informs Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, Clearsense. “True value from data only comes if it is right sourced and can effectively connect providers, payers and patients to navigate care throughout the continuum into optimal cost and behavioral changes,” he adds.

Jacksonville Beach, FL based Clearsense recognizes the need for an open platform that could ensure agnostic connectivity of data sources and information configurable to an organizations’ broader ecosystem and patients. Moreover, Clearsense provides a configurable solution that addresses not only the technology challenges, but also the strategic and regulatory pressures that are dictating the direction of priorities in healthcare organizations.

Clearsense offers a HIPAA compliant, multi tenant hosted/cloud solution to address progressive issues in a particular organization that require minimal resource dedication from already resourced constrained operations. Built on a platform designed to handle the dynamic, high-volume workloads required by the modern healthcare IT landscape, the Clearsense architecture is scalable, always available, and easy to deploy. Additionally, the combination of retrospective, current and predictive analytics is crucial to develop effective models to address sustained financial, clinical and operations outcomes. “This will disrupt experienced and current trends among the key indicators measuring healthcare delivery, says Boicey. The Clearsense core product suite includes a broad range of tools to help organizations achieve clinical and financial excellence. The core products include a physician quality reporting system, which allows the organizations to monitor the performance of provider network daily.
It also provides risk assessment, workflow management, and revenue cycle management tools for making informed decisions and continual improvements in all aspects of organizational operations.

Clearsense provides services to assist with associated process changes to accompany evolving technologies and the knowledge of true analytics will shed on how to transition, even predict healthcare. The Clearsense Predict includes advanced predictive algorithms designed to help identify key areas of risk and fill critical care gaps when required. “By leveraging both in-memory and in-chip processing, Clearsense reduces the time spent in analyzing large amounts of data from hours to seconds,” illustrates Boicey. Furthermore, the predictive engine can help the organizations to take the daily clinical decisions to positively impact patient care, reduce re-admission rates, and improve patient outcomes.

As an experienced clinician, Boicey is privileged to mentor companies, which are new to nursing and clinical informatics. “With Clearsense, we believe in providing a learning healthcare analytics ecosystem that allows for self service, data science, and clinical/business intelligence,” extols Boicey.

By leveraging both in-memory and in-chip processing, Clearsense reduces the time spent in analyzing large amounts of data from hours to seconds

For the future, Clearsense aims at developing unique applications supported by a true open data orchestration platform that will allow organizations to various kinds of other applications from other sources as well. As an organic differentiator, Clearsense will disrupt healthcare by focusing on what is best for the organizations in support of navigating delivery toward the optimal environments with respect to cost and outcomes.


Jacksonville Beach, FL

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS CIO & CTO

Provides an open platform that could be evolved with various applications to ensure agnostic connectivity of data sources.