ClearStar: Implementing Background Screening Solutions via Oracle Platform

Ken Dawson, Jr.VP & CIO/CISO
The key cogs responsible for a company’s smooth and efficient functioning are its employees. Recruiters must pay undiluted attention while hiring the personnel most suited for the company’s growth and prosperity. With technology evolving rapidly, companies today are struggling to find the right solutions to invest in to solve the background screening problem. “We saw that opportunity and came in with the technology to deliver effective Human Capital Management (HCM) with a full suite of background screening services, providing critical data on applicants across many industries,” says Ken Dawson, Jr., VP and CIO/CISO, ClearStar.

ClearStar provides employers and background screening companies with trusted background check technology, strategic services, and decision-making information. “After originally installing the solution in the client environment as a server-based platform, we decided to shift the whole platform to the cloud and offer our solution through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model,” mentions Dawson. Since then, they have taken the manual processes and extensively automated them, giving their customer base a higher value, without having to make big investments upfront.

Recognizing the impact of social networking and mobile on empowering users with more control, ClearStar built its technologies to support various mobile devices and integrate with social networks. Dawson notes that social networks and mobile platforms are not just an important place for collecting data, but also for authenticating people. “Our job is to make sure that people are who they represent themselves to be, and these type of environments are crucial to that process,” he adds.

Being a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) provides ClearStar with the tools to better develop, sell, and implement Oracle solutions for a comprehensive, timely, and effective background check report. This provides employers with the information necessary to confidently welcome new individuals into their organization.

Being a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network provides ClearStar with the tools to better develop, sell, and implement Oracle solutions

Leveraging the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for developing business applications, ClearStar provides a pre-employment background check solution that enables businesses to easily order and review their potential employees’ data for effective HCM. “For us, the key is to focus on the end users— the job applicants for these companies. By making it easy for them to provide the information, we are able to streamline our clients’ screening process effectively,” states Dawson.

Examining the result of working with a big enterprise company exemplifies ClearStar’s credibility in offering effective screening solutions. The company wanted a single source product, but the previous screening provider was unable to integrate the various use cases that they handled. “We achieved this in a way that allowed their Oracle platform to work with our solution—regardless of their business model or the type of user— and provided a full data integration of the recruiter model,” Dawson remarks. Armed with robust tools, the client was able to standardize their data collection, making the hiring process efficient from an HR standpoint.

With a broad set of services and a commitment toward open Application Program Interface (API) standards, ClearStar has built a number of applications and tools to support the various kinds of users by bringing them all to one platform for screening—providing a consistent user experience.“We will continue to focus on providing a consumer-level experience through our technology that allows users to streamline their HR services and strengthen their brand,” concludes Dawson.


Alpharetta, GA

Ken Dawson, Jr.VP & CIO/CISO

Provides effective background screening solutions to companies by leveraging Oracle technologies