Cleverspeck: Giving Businesses Competitive Edge through Data Services

Bekir Atahan, Managing Director
Most organizations are sitting on a goldmine of information—from organizational historic data to product profitability data. But understanding the location of data, the need of certain data for users, and how it flows between the systems are crucial to leverage this important asset. Furthermore, the challenge is to get visibility into the data for insights needed to target the most profitable customers."The biggest challenges are the accumulation of massive amounts of data and to process it strategically through data visualization, Business Intelligence (BI), self-service reporting, or mining the data via machine learning," says Bekir Atahan, Managing Director, Cleverspeck. The firm provides comprehensive data solutions—from managing, data warehousing, ETL integration, to data mining, data governance, and reporting solutions—using Microsoft solutions.

“Microsoft platforms, whether it is on premise or in the cloud, provide us the capabilities to offer any size solution no matter how large the data our clients may have,” points Atahan. Cleverspeck’s solutions encompass a wide spectrum of services including Cloud and Infrastructure, Mobile Solutions, and Data Management and Business Intelligence (BI).

Business Intelligence allows an organization to take advantage of its data assets by empowering analysts, and other data consumers with the ability to get the data and reports in a customized way. Cleverspeck helps with the same by providing a suite of technologies including Data Warehousing, Tabular Data, and Analysis Services. Leveraging Microsoft Analysis Services provides the ability to create multi-dimensional data models to help users get the data without any queries or codes.

Today's users demand, both BI automated reports through data model and automated reporting, to non-automated reports including ad-hoc analysis and user driven reports regardless of locations. Mobility plays a big part in providing this timely information on phone, tablet, laptop, or any of the hybrid devices used by the end user. Cleverspeck utilizes multiple state-of-the-art reporting solutions to deliver stunning reports—MS SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (SSRS), Enhanced Excel Services, and Power BI.
Power BI is Microsoft's BI cloud offering that provides BI sites to view and interact with data and uses Q&A, which allows data search using natural language on the go. Alongside, Cleverspeck’s certified SSRS experts can also patch up the reporting services with existing platforms. “We identify the source for the data and build Extract Transformation Load (ETL) jobs through SQL Server Integration Services to pull it out in a presentable format,” explains Atahan.

Microsoft platforms, whether it is on premise or in the cloud, provide us the capabilities to offer any size solution no matter how large the data our clients may have

He accredits, “as a Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider, our expertise and knowledge of Microsoft products help us accelerate our customers’ success by serving as technology advisors for their business demands.” For instance, a large enterprise client turned to Cleverspeck's solutions to bring all of their data together from different sources. Cleverspeck combined the data into a single version of the truth utilizing SQL SERVER, SSIS, and Master Data services. Thereafter, self-service access was provided via Analysis Services and data visualization using a variety of Microsoft tools including Power BI, Excel, and Reporting Services. "It not just enabled reporting solutions, but also offered a platform that is designed to improve data quality by refining Master Data Management," adds Atahan.

He points, "as customers require greater insight into their data, we will continue to innovate new solutions to fulfill their needs as we drive ourselves harder than the competition."Moving ahead, Cleverspeck's roadmap is to leverage Microsoft products in a large scale and provide a wide range of services such as SharePoint development, custom web development, infrastructure services, and help their clients realize “What does your data do for you?"


Reston, VA

Bekir Atahan, Managing Director

Provides comprehensive data solutions from managing, data warehousing, ETL integration, to data mining, and reporting solutions using Microsoft solutions