CleverSpeck: Enabling Companies to Interpret Advantageous Data

Don Jernigan, Managing Director
Data is streaming from everywhere and organizations are trying hard to decipher data assets for informed decision making. “Today’s competitive environment is unforgiving if companies make bad decisions,” says Don Jernigan. Thus, to assist companies draw out meaningful answers from their structured and unstructured data, Cleverspeck, a technology consulting firm leverages Microsoft Azure’s platform—an integrated cloud services for analytics, computing, database, networking and storage, converting data into information. “Azure performs a major role in providing the technology that we must have for our solutions,” adds Jernigan.

Transition to the cloud being the latest buzz, many organizations are opting for a shift to the public cloud for their data solutions, which cannot be accomplished overnight, thus Cleverspeck applies the rule of hybrid solution—a mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services. The most common hybrid solution used by the company is HDInsight— Azure’s Hadoop big data solution. Adopting this solution, the company can provision a Hadoop cluster in just about 20 minutes to its customers, saving time and money. Leveraging Azure’s virtual machines with Cleverspeck’s assistance for development and testing environments, firms save approximately 75 percent of the comparable infrastructure and on-premise licensing costs. Jernigan further explains that since Azure is a natural extension of Office 365 using integrated AD authentication through Azure AD facilitates seamless, single sign-on experience. Cleverspeck also leverages SharePoint into their solutions to collect and polish the data along with other administrative aspects of running a data management infrastructure.

With the growing complexity of data, Azure is continuously adding new features into its services, particularly in the platform-as-a-service data space to provide greater ROI and faster time to market. Through these advancements, Cleverspeck can now deploy a predictive model for production consumption—time to market in minutes. Thereby, the company creates suitable solutions matching customers’ need and goals, using Azure’s services. “Microsoft provides the hammer, we build the house,” asserts Jernigan.

Microsoft provides the hammer, we build the house

Cleverspeck has created a framework that ties an organization’s current infrastructure and data assets with Azure to provide a comprehensive data management solution. For instance, one of Cleverspeck’s clients wanted to develop an integrated master data management and data warehouse solution for their external customer communication. Knocking on Cleverspeck’s door, the company implemented the Azure BI platform for real time reporting and building analytics on top of the data. As a result, the client was able to increase market share by providing an enhanced customer experience. Cleverspeck delivers solutions holistically, considering the entire environment of the client and not just for a particular requirement.

“Everyone at Cleverspeck is an innovator as reflected in almost job titles,” cites Jernigan. Cleverspeck implements innovative technologies to deliver tools that turn data into information. Being inquisitive about the emerging technologies, Jernigan finds this learning process very rewarding both personally and professionally. “At Cleverspeck we use the latest technology available to give our clients a competitive advantage over their competition.” adds Jernigan.

Founded as an on-premise business intelligence and data warehousing company, Cleverspeck has made a successful journey and are now competes in decision and information business. The company today has expertise in Azure technologies including Cortana Analytic Suite, HDIninsight, Azure Data Lakes, Data Factory, Data Catalog, Power BI, SQL Server, and SQL Azure, and other supporting IT services. “We provide for a complete data management strategy,” says Jernigan. For the future, Cleverspeck has a number of big data projects on the horizon as companies are realizing the value of their data. “We are anxiously waiting for the release of Microsoft’s Cortana speech query integration and HoloLens, to leverage these technologies for speech recongnition and data visualization,” wraps up Jernigan.

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Don Jernigan, Managing Director

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