Clevest: The Answer to the Utility Mobile Workforce Complication

CIO VendorThomas Ligocki, President CEO & Chairman Workforce Management can be defined as having the right people in place to perform the right activities at the right time. Whether you are scheduling tellers at a bank or cashiers at a grocery store, using the principles of Workforce Management prepares you to meet your customer’s needs at every hour of every day. Implementing the principles of effective Workforce Management is not always easy, even in the best organization. Employees in today’s world are often responsible for many other tasks in addition to their tasks. However, if the events of the day are not properly planned and managed, an entire day’s productivity can be lost to putting out fires. Mobile Workforce Management allows your company to be proactive instead of reactive. But with an array of choices it is hard in this competitive world to choose the one that best suits your needs especially in the utilities industry where field workers need to stay connected with office supervisors and dispatchers in real-time for more informed decision-making and more efficient field operations.

Enter Clevest from Plano, TX a provider of software for mobile workforce management and smart grid operations exclusively for electric, gas and water utilities. The company concentrates at
enabling utilities to transform their field operations by rapidly automating and optimizing virtually any fieldwork activity or process to improve response time and effectiveness.

The “Much Needed” Solution

The firm’s product CLEVEST Mobile Workforce Management was specifically built around the needs of utility operations to address the rapidly transforming electric, gas and water industries. It unifies the field and the office on a single, next-generation mobile platform for managing your mobile workers and virtually any type of work they perform—from meter service work, pole inspections and locates to restoring service and a mass deployment of smart meters.

The product from Clevest includes a highly configurable architecture, Host interface flexibility, Enhanced location awareness, Integration with OMS solutions, Enterprise scheduling, Street level routing, and next-generation applications for office and mobile workers and Support for multiple mobile devices and operating systems.

“It is a complete solution providing actionable information that leads to informed decision-making, improving your field and office operations. Our configurable mobile workforce management software is fully GIS integrated, providing real-time visibility into your field work activities and assets,” says President, CEO and Chairman, Thomas Ligocki. All field workflow information and tools are integrated onto a single mobile computer, eliminating the need for multiple devices. By linking field workers with mobile supervisors and the dispatch center in real-time, both operational decisions and efficiency are improved. For even greater
alignment between the field and office, companies can leverage the fully integrated, utility-specific Clevest Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution for a map-based view of the real-time, GPS-based location of vehicles and their relation to your asset infrastructure.

“Clevest helps to drive greater efficiencies from your field operations, improve responsiveness in the field and office, enhance the safety of mobile workers and provide consistently higher levels of customer service,” adds Thomas. The firm also provides other solutions such as Automatic Vehicle location, Smart Grid Operations and maintenance, Meter Reading, Asset Investment Planning, Storm Response, Damage Assessment and other services.

Gaining Trust

The services and uniqueness of the firm has attracted over 135 electric, gas and water utilities worldwide, from some of the world’s largest to many rural electric cooperatives. Some of the high profile customers include Alpena Power Co., Cuivre River Electric, NRTC, American Electric Power, and others from Canada and USA. The firm was founded in Thomas’ basement in 2006 and has about 110 employees today. It released the latest version of its Mobile Workforce Management software recently. With so much success and such phenomenal growth, the company is bound to continue dominating the space in the near future as well.


Thomas Ligocki, President CEO & Chairman

A provider of software for mobile workforce management and smart grid operations