Click Performance Group: Turning Website Users into Revenues

Christoph Adler, Founder
The early years of this decade saw new challenges impacting the online publishing sector. Professionals in the domain encountered difficulties in generating and increasing advertising revenues for their websites.

However, Click Performance Group based in California was more focused on the underlying opportunities. “We knew that advertising is not only the most efficient revenue source for online publications, but also a driver and success guarantor for the future development of the global internet economy,” informs Christoph Adler, Founder and CEO of Click Performance Group. Click Performance has shown strict adherence to this concept throughout its journey to be a global player with operations in Frankfurt, Sydney and London besides the U.S.

As one among the first Google AdSense Certified Partners, Click Performance continues to improve website revenues for their clients following a thorough analysis on their requirements and by facilitating hands-on advice towards monetizing their websites. With a direct relationship with Google's top experts around the world, Click Performance enjoys the privilege of delivering exceptional services for their clients. The large number of publishers working with the firm also benefit from the great partnerships with the respective regional Google offices.

Since inception, Click Performance remained attentive towards optimization of Google AdSense text ads. Today, with proven expertise in the optimization of Google AdExchange and AdSense, Click Performance has become a trusted partner of publishers worldwide when it comes to risk-free monetization strategies and recommendations.

The most unique offering from Click Performance is their "Site Revenue Optimization" service, abbreviated as SRO. While prevalent buy-side services such as SEM, SEO or SMO usually concentrate on traffic acquisition in order to increase page views on websites, SRO is a sell-side service with a keen focus on the best possible monetization of the website's existing traffic.
Without any upfront costs (Click Performance works on a commission base and receives only a share of the incremental revenue they add to their clients' earnings), Click Performance works on the optimization of ads on their clients’ websites with the main goal to guide the user's attention towards relevant ads. This leads to an increase in the number of clicks (the Click- Through-Rate) and results in higher revenues for the publisher and more prospective customers for the advertiser.

Click Performance's global team has vast experience across various Online Marketing disciplines. This exceptional knowledge, from both buy and sell side, enhances their day-to-day work, especially when identifying their publisher's needs and business models as well as adapting to the advertiser's expectations. Over the past three years, more than 400 websites have been successfully optimized by the highly experienced Click Performance team. The firm’s expertise has been leveraged by leading industry players; a perfect example is ‘’, a health-magazine based in Germany. The website had already well integrated ads, however, partnering with Click Performance turned out to be exceptionally beneficial as it resulted in a revenue increase of more than 150 percent. “Every client and every audience reacts differently to advertising strategies and we are proud of our ability to zero in on the right advertisement plan,” continues Adler.

Click Performance's SRO service helps website publishers to increase their advertising revenues

The upcoming years would see Click Performance adapting to a "360-degree consulting" approach that opens new revenue streams and opportunities for publishers amidst constantly shifting markets. “In 2015, we'll expand further into Programmatic Advertising, mostly by utilizing Google AdExchange and third-party advertising networks in order to create a real-time competition for our publisher's advertising real estate. And competition always increases revenue.” adds Adler.

Click Performance Group

Frankfurt, Germany

Christoph Adler, Founder

A provider of Site Revenue Optimization (SRO), Google AdSense Revenue Optimization, AdExchange and DFP.