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Erin Cigich, CEO
The field of performance marketing burgeoned from an increased need for competitive, agile customer acquisition in an increasingly digital era. Recognized as the #1 CPA (cost per action) network in the world by mThink for three years running (2017, 2018, & 2019), Clickbooth offers strategic performance marketing solutions for its clients. As Erin Cigich, the CEO of Clickbooth explains, “We work with marketers and partners to understand their goals, then match their needs and services to help drive consistent, quality traffic through a diverse array of channels.”

Founded in 2002, Clickbooth has been a pioneer within the performance-marketing industry for over 16 years, successfully aiding businesses and entrepreneurs in acquiring new customers at scale by connecting them to experienced promotion partners. Clickbooth’s leading position in the industry is reflected in its proprietary patent-pending platform. This technology enables marketers to build their own lead generation campaigns and drive traffic through channels such as native, social, mobile, and more. Not only does this increase client autonomy, it provides them with easy access to campaign-specific dashboards with details pertaining to campaign performance and payments.

“We take immense pride in being an industry leader built upon brand trust, team acumen, and technological innovation,” says CEO Cigich, “Our proprietary platform technology is just one example of how we are leading this industry and developing a premier performance marketing ecosystem.”

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Clickbooth’s technology is capable of identifying target customers to help clients build more strategic campaigns. Experienced account managers— who help marketers navigate through and optimize the platform —form an integral part of Clickbooth’s client success model. An international company, Clickbooth conducts business in a diverse array of verticals including auto, finance, and life insurance.

Our vision is to continue building the premier performance marketing ecosystem and to pioneer the shift of all online advertising to a Performance-Based model

To cite a success story, a large auto insurance company recently partnered with Clickbooth to determine its target customers and develop relevant campaigns. In a short amount of time, Clickbooth helped establish campaigns to align with client ROI goals and generate a seven-figure investment. Clickbooth’s efforts helped to facilitate client acquisition, increasing the client’s year-over-year growth by 7,600%.

Clickbooth continues to rapidly expand the capabilities of its services, and has successfully added three companies to its portfolio since 2017. ThriveTracker - the world’s leading performance marketing tracker - along with Adperio, a top CPI (cost per install) mobile network, and Ignite OPM, an award-winning affiliate marketing agency, are now part of the Clickbooth family. With a skilled group of leadership and an ardent team committed to improving the solutions portfolio, Clickbooth is vigorously developing an industry-leading performance marketing ecosystem.

“Our greatest asset is our team of incredibly passionate, experienced individuals who are dedicated to integrity, strategic ingenuity, and innovative solutions,” says CEO Cigich. “Our vision is to continue building the premier performance marketing ecosystem and to pioneer the shift of all online advertising to a Performance-Based model.”

Clickbooth News

Brad Dobbins Promoted to President of Clickbooth

SARASOTA, Fla: Clickbooth (, LLC) has announced that Brad Dobbins has been promoted to President of Clickbooth effective immediately. Brad will continue to report to Erin Cigich, CEO of, LLC and its divisions.

"Brad Dobbins is a dynamic leader who has distinguished himself during his 10 year tenure here at Clickbooth," said Erin Cigich, CEO of Clickbooth. "His strategic thinking capabilities, strong business acumen and outstanding reputation within the Performance-Marketing industry will be tremendous assets in this role. The time has come for Brad to take the next step forward in his career, and I couldn't be more pleased and supportive.”

Prior to this promotion, Dobbins served in various sales roles at Clickbooth. Most recently as Clickbooth’s Executive Vice President of Affiliates, where he led the team in overall strategy and execution of sales within the publisher channel.

“I am excited and honored to take on this role and look forward to partnering with Erin and our talented senior leadership team to deliver on our 'Think Bigger' vision, our industry leading technology and stellar reputation within the space will help accelerate the strategic actions we’ve outlined to drive growth within Clickbooth’s Performance-Marketing ecosystem,” said Dobbins.

ThriveTracker promotes Peter Varga to Managing Director from Clickbooth

Varga’s extensive experience in the marketing industry makes him a valuable asset to their client ecosystem

Fremont, CA: ThriveTracker, the most cutting-edge performance marketing tracking solution provider, has announced the appointment of Peter Varga Jr. as the Managing Director of the firm.

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Sarasota, FL

Erin Cigich, CEO

Clickbooth offers a performance marketing platform that connects advertisers with affiliates who drive significant, high-quality customer traffic