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CIO VendorJune Li, Founder & Managing Director
Battle-hardened CIOs know that even the best technology can fail if people or processes are not ready to dive in and deploy them smartly. This falls in line with organizations’ most frequent misconception about analytics tools: “once installed, the work is done”. ClickInsight, a specialist digital analytics consulting company, has a mission to go beyond just implementing technology. The company empowers organizations to exploit the power of data to innovatively grow their business by uncovering unique knowledge their competitors do not have. “Our strategy is to correctly implement analytics tools to extract meaningful insights so that our clients can confidently take actions to accelerate their growth. In a nutshell, we count what matters, then change what counts,” says June Li, Founder and Managing Director, ClickInsight.

Founded in 2005, ClickInsight not only consults and provides solutions that close gaps in the use of technology, but partners with clients to transfer knowledge, coach and train their staff. “ClickInsight is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, as well as a Google Analytics Premium Reseller with a specialization in Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics is a very powerful platform that can be used to quickly process and transform massive amounts of data into insights, particularly when partnered with Google’s BigQuery platform,’’ says Li. ClickInsight’s approach is not just based on tool functionality. It is ClickInsight’s advanced processes that generate entrenched value and positive return.

For instance, a reputable consumer services organization was dissatisfied with the number and quality of leads resulting from their investment in Google AdWords paid advertising. ClickInsight analyzed the organization’s Google Analytics data and concluded that approximately 42 percent of paid traffic was from off-target geographies and audiences. As a solution, ClickInsight recommended redirecting the budget to more appropriate audiences, conducted split tests on ad content and landing pages, and implemented custom Google Analytics tracking to better measure visitor engagement - essentially making the invisible visible.
Custom code enabled detection of interactions on long pages, dynamic forms, brochures and click-to-call buttons. As a result, with the improvement in quality and the number of leads, the client went on to increase their Google AdWords’ budget by 30 percent. And, by recently migrating all tagging into Google Tag Manager, the site’s pages load faster, thereby improving their ranking on search engine results pages.

“By applying ClickInsight’s Strategic Analytics Advantage methodology, clients can see firsthand where the gaps in data collection are by first focusing on the questions they currently cannot answer with the data they have already collected,’’ says Li. Further, ClickInsight offers a four-module Data Breakthrough Advantage Program to build clients’ internal analytics capabilities and analytics governance through joint hands-on projects, coaching and training. The Strategic Analytics Advantage program and Data Breakthrough Advantage Program involve customized approaches that work for any industry and size of business.

Being a certified partner of Google, the company maintains direct contact with Google’s development team. They provide input into Google’s future enhancements and gain early access to beta product releases. The company has a direct pipeline to highly responsive Google support through which rare technical issues can be escalated.

We are a Google Certified Partner with a mission to leverage technology to extract the utmost value from data

To continue to strengthen the advantage their clients gain from analytics, ClickInsight’s roadmap is to aggressively integrate Google Analytics with third party tools such as Tableau, as well as Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, BigQuery and DoubleClick. “Our role is definitely as an integrator between the Google platforms, technology and our clients’ businesses, streamlining the path to insights and value,’’ concludes Li.


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June Li, Founder & Managing Director

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