ClickInsight Corporation: Digital Strategies for Advanced Data Analytics

June Li, Managing Director
At the turn of the millennium, when digitalization was sweeping across sectors, organizations realized that it was almost impossible to build an internal system with unreliable data and substandard implementation of digital analytics processes. “Back in those days, although specialized technologies such as ERP, CRM or SFA had implementation specialists, there were very few companies which could help businesses garner effective insights from digital analytics. ClickInsight came into picture to provide organizations with digital analytics for better understanding their visitor’s interactions with digital properties,” expresses June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight. The firm assists their clients in identifying the most effective marketing or customer service efforts by leveraging Google’s analytics and data tools namely Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium and Google Tag Manager.

A Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics 360 Reseller with a specialization in Google Tag Management, ClickInsight creates a measurement plan and implementation strategy to ensure the right interactions are tracked. “We unleash the power of Google’s web analytics service by transforming copious data inputs into insight,” says June. “We take time to understand what a business is trying to accomplish before we configure anything or run a single report.”

For instance, Insight Vacations, a leading provider luxury escorted tours, was unable to compare its digital performance consistently across markets. They were struggling to conclude whether their marketing efforts were optimally deployed. Website analytics were not helpful to identify the accurate and reliable website traffic. ClickInsight conducted a diagnostic audit and confirmed that many interactions were under-tracked. As a solution, Google Analytics was implemented with Google Tag Manager, ensuring that the extra tagging required to properly detect user interactions was effective, efficient and did not slow site response times.Upgrading to the latest version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics—that gives the most complete view of how users interact with online content—allowed additional data to be collected.

We unleash the power of Google’s digital analytics service by transforming copious data inputs into insights

“After the website was re-launched with a unified data structure, we confidently made adjustments based on data instead of beliefs,” says Greg Hayes, Director Digital Marketing, Insight Vacations. Within a year, their conversion and acquisition costs were significantly reduced. For pay-per-click campaigns specifically, cost per acquisition declined 53 percent and cost per conversion declined by over 70 percent.

“We believe every business is unique, and hence align our strategies for a results-driven approach,” says June. Using their philosophy to “Count what Matters. Change What Counts”, the company helps organizations to create their own measurement plan and identify the changes to their operations that will help them achieve their business objectives, faster. ClickInsight’s Data Breakthrough Advantage Program (DBAP) offers more clarity on how marketing channels drive conversion. “We help companies get a real-time view on their campaigns, apps and websites and create a powerful actionable plan,” states June. DBAP helps to remove the obstacles that prevent businesses from achieving their goals and develops strategies to overcome them, whether that’s through analysis, data visualization, improved data quality or better business processes.

With a staunch focus on accelerating client’s digital and overall growth, ClickInsight continues to integrate Google Analytics with third party tools such as Tableau, along with Google Webmaster Tools, AdWords, BigQuery and DoubleClick. “Building internal capability is important to our clients. For which, we’ve expanded our custom training and coaching programs so that our clients’ can help their internal marketing teams to use the data for optimizing their campaigns,” ends June.

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June Li, Managing Director

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