ClickSoftware Technologies: Lucid Mobility Solutions to Streamline Field Service Management

CIO VendorMoshe BenBassat, Founder & CEO Customer satisfaction is worthless, Customer loyalty is priceless,” quoted Jeffery Gitomer, author of The Red Book of Selling. Successful customer retention strategies commence with the field service operatives. Accomplished field service operatives are no less than foot soldiers in the corporate war for customer retention. These lucrative assets help organizations ascertain their hold over customers which will continue further depending on how effectively service organizations manage the field services. In a world where social media can make or break the company’s brand, the future of the world's largest companies will be determined by their ability to outshine its competitors in delivery of services. Automated Field Service Optimization Solutions is the need of the hour and ClickSoftware Technologies provides just that. “When I started there were no mobile solutions. Field service technicians used to get their assignments and disappear for the rest of the day,” recalls Dr. Moshe BenBassat, Founder and CEO, ClickSoftware Technologies. “The idea of real-time service optimization came along with the introduction of mobile applications and mobile data solutions. Now, service oriented companies are increasingly adopting mobile and mobility services to streamline their field service operations.”

In a recent Gartner’s Field Service Management (FSM) survey, 85 percent of respondents indicated that they either are already using mobile field service apps or plan to use them within 24 months. Additionally, mobility is a top-three decision criterion for more than 60 percent of respondents. Also, the new generation of workers prefer a connected lifestyle, using their smart devices to keep working on the go.

Clicksoftware facilitates this by furnishing software that enables businesses of all sizes, primarily in the service industry, to assist in and automate staffing and related operational decisions. The company has established itself as an innate choice for Enterprises and SMBs alike. “ClickSoftware team helps these organizations make strategic service decisions to 'Master the Moment' when success is judged by their ability to complete the job the first time," says Dr. BenBassat. ClickSoftware’s Service Optimization software suite comprises of applications for customer interaction management, workload forecasting, service scheduling, problem resolution, business analytics, and wireless workforce management. The suite enables organizations to increase workforce productivity, improve service quality, and reduce costs.

Enabling Companies to ‘Master the Moment’

“Every service experience is made up of a series of moments,” explains Dr BenBassat. “From the call initiating service to performance measuring, every decision has an impact on the perceived quality of service that customer receives.
ClickSoftware’s goal is to help our clients succeed at the “Pinnacle Moment” when the work is completed.” In order to achieve this, the Cloud Mobile Workforce Management Software and Optimization Solutions offered by ClickSoftware incorporates business best practices and advanced decision-making algorithms that enable its clients to manage and optimize entire service operation; before, during, and after the day of service. “ClickSoftware has a single focus: To empower service providers to Master the Moment, and deliver enhanced experiences to their customers,” states Dr BenBassat.

Making SMBs ‘StreetSmart’
By furnishing the software solution both as on-premises and cloud, ClickSoftware ensures that it reaches to a broader audience. ClickSoftware’s cloud-based solutions bring enterprise grade sophistication to the SMBs at an affordable price. “Small and medium businesses can work in harmony with incredible productivity, and solve complex challenges through intelligent decision-making. Our cloud application allows the SMB to easily scale-up when they need it, so their employee management software can stay the same as they grow,” elucidates Dr BenBassat.

Small and medium businesses can work in harmony with incredible productivity, and solve complex challenges through intelligent decisionmaking

Clicksoftware has enhanced its workforce management solutions by the acquisition of Xora. The acquired company’s unique suite of configurable mobile apps and a web-based management application, StreetSmart, gives office staff greater visibility into the field and also helps mobile workers get more things done while servicing their customers. One of the beneficiaries of StreetSmart is Goodwill which is a donor-driven agency, a retailer, a contract services operation, and a major recycler of textiles. They are also into workforce development services. Goodwill was already using Xora to track employee time when those employees are working at the Northwest North Carolina’s 60 donation centers. However, there was a need to upgrade Xora for getting information to the drivers to help them navigate to jobs, the centers, and even to home pickups for collection of donations. Although each Goodwill vehicle had a GPS device, it only allowed for Goodwill management to view vehicle locations; it did not allow for two-way communication. Upgrading to Xora StreetSmart, Goodwill now alerts the nearest driver once the donation center notifies for the transfer of their items to the retail store. Driven by the success in Northwest North Carolina, Goodwill is planning to expand use of StreetSmart to their 320 donation retailers.
Proficient Work Management Solution
The Mobile Workforce Management Solution offered by ClickSoftware is a comprehensive solution to streamline entire service organization. The software solution hosts various tools for forecasting and planning stage to performance measurement—making it a one stop solution for organizations. For instance, Planning and Forecasting capabilities ensure proper workforce coverage for expected demand. Shift Management optimizes employees’ availability to fit demand during the day of service. Scheduling and Dispatch assigns the right people to the right place, at the right moment, for every customer or task.

Mobility helps in maintaining a comprehensive interconnectivity with intelligent and integrated Mobile Apps that enable remarkable service execution for every job.

Performance Measurement–coupled with predictive and prescriptive analytics– identify improvement opportunities to ensure continuous improvement. “ClickSoftware is the only company that manages all time related services with one, single platform,” claims Dr BenBassat. To support these claims are various success stories from myriad of industries catered by ClickSoftware including communications, utilities, oil & gas, insurance and public sector.

In an interesting example, Ohio’s Division of Industrial Compliance (DIC) faced several challenges regarding timely review of construction project plans for engineers, contractors and architects. The problem included inefficient, on-site inspection services which were due to the unpredictable nature of most construction projects. DIC’s existing phone and paper based scheduling process was extremely inefficient. For setting up appointments, contractors would call individual inspectors or a central scheduling office. There was no visibility into the activities of individual inspectors, which made it difficult to determine whether they were able to stay on schedule and meet the day’s commitments. A phased deployment approach was employed over a period of three-to-five year. Initially ClickSchedule was integrated with existing database system followed by a series of more additions to the solution. DIC then conducted extensive on-site education in how the new system would operate. “Now, when customers call one of the two dispatchers and request an inspection, ClickSchedule slots the request into a “most optimum” time frame. A job ticket is automatically created and faxed out to the field inspector. ClickSchedule has enabled DIC to optimize the scheduling process, allowing them to get more inspections per day,” adds Dr BenBassat.

Going Private to Meet Growth Objectives
In near future, the company will go private and be a part of Francisco Partners Management L.P (FP). “We are excited to partner with FP, a firm with an established track record of working with companies transitioning to Cloud and with companies in relevant verticals to ClickSoftware. The added flexibility, combined with the benefit of FP’s knowledge and domain expertise, will allow us to more effectively focus on our long-term investment and growth objectives, which will benefit our employees, customers and partners," concludes Dr BenBassat.

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