ClickTale: Redefining Digital Customer Experience

Christmas was approaching and Walmart, the multinational retailing giant, was gearing up for the festive season. Walmart launched new Gift and Toy Finder tools (‘Finders’ tools) as a means to boost sales. But there were a few glitches that were troubling the team at Walmart so they turned to ClickTale to help optimize the buying journey for their users. ClickTale’s heatmaps revealed that 20 percent of the visitors were not seeing the ‘Finders’ tool.

Furthermore, some of the visitors weren’t intuitively clicking on the call-to-action ‘Go’ button, and were getting confused when they didn’t receive search results; both findings were revealed by watching ClickTale’s session replays. Visitors faced other points of friction including a JavaScript error when clicking on the call-to-action ‘Go’ button. As a result of fixing these errors, Walmart experienced an increase of 24 percent in their sales while improving their customer service.

Every movement of the mouse has a tale of its own, and behind every click there is a consumer behavior to be followed. So what is this ‘consumer behavior’? “Analytics tools can be powerful, but ClickTale gives the product managers, marketers and analysts a highly-focused lens to see ‘why’ behind the ‘what’,” says Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO, ClickTale. Wading through all of the data and having an understanding of what exactly is happening when users interact with the site remains a major stumbling block. Through its SaaS based offering, ClickTale addresses the “data overload” problem for enterprises, providing context to the data and actionable insights for optimization. The company’s ‘Heatmaps’ enable customers to visualize their visitors’ every mouse move, click, scroll, or tap, pinch, and exposure for mobile users. ‘Link Analytics’ provides a comprehensive statistical overlay on visitors' hovers, clicks, hesitation time, and visit order.

Analytics tools can be powerful but ClickTale has given the marketers, product managers and analysts a highly-focused lens to see the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

Dr.Tal Schwartz, CEO
ClickTale’s ‘Conversion Analytics’ tools include Form Analytics and Conversion Funnel analyses to help customers see problems in their forms, areas of drop-off in their funnel, and other general trends on consumer behavior. Finally, from every heatmap and analytic report, customers can drill down to view individual ‘Session Replays.’ Together, these findings provide clear insight into consumer intent, which in turn helps enterprises enhance the digital experience for their users and increase conversions. Significantly, all of the data and insights are available for consumers no matter the device they are using: mobile, tablet, or desktop.

ClickTale also offers side-by-side comparisons to reveal where to start A/B testing. The company’s solution is integrated with over 50 enterprise software vendors, helping its customers maximize their existing investments from traditional analytics, A/B testing and VoC tools. In conjunction with the ClickTale product, a dedicated team of ClickTale customer experience consultants helps uncover additional areas that may require further optimization.

The Digital Marketing arena has witnessed a boom, from 100 digital marketing solutions in 2011 to nearly 1,900 today. Many of these solutions claim to optimize the digital customer experience, though in order to be useful they require an entire analytics department to interpret them. Without a full, accurate picture of what’s really happening on the website, ‘optimizations’ could cause more damage than good. Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Home Depot, The North Face, and Lenovo trust ClickTale to help optimize the customer experience for the tens of millions of visitors their websites receive every month. ClickTale analyzes over 100 billion in-screen behaviors per month. Many of the features and product advances come directly from customer requests, and the company is constantly working on innovations to develop the next generation of enterprise usability solutions.


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Dr.Tal Schwartz, CEO

ClickTale is an enterprise-class digital optimization solution enabling customers to enhance revenues and exceed KPIs via deep drill-downs into consumer behavior