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Atul Kumar, CEO
The recruitment industry is at an interesting inflection point. Amidst the promises and perils of transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) making everything faster and more efficient, it is easy to comprehend why organizations are dabbling with various software and digital tools throughout the recruiting process. As AI becomes more capable and powerful, HR professionals are reaping the benefits of the technology in posting jobs, sourcing candidates, résumé screening, and messaging, and data collection. But while it is quick and efficient, the question is: Can AI alone select the best person for the job? The answer, according to Atul Kumar, CEO of ClikSource, is a resounding no. “While a lot of companies are adopting AI in their recruiting processes, it is important to note that one cannot take out the human element from recruiting,” he explains.

Deeming text résumé as a thing of the past, Kumar and his team at ClikSource are changing the industry narrative and the face of résumés with their all-in-one, on-demand hiring platform. The folks at ClikSource understand the importance of human connection in recruiting, which is why they have uniquely combined AI and Emotional Intelligence (EI) capabilities through rich interactive video components and smart assessments that allow employers to better evaluate a candidate’s creativity, cultural fit, job-related and interpersonal skills, and more.

With the aid of next-generation technology, ClikSource enables organizations to drive smart hiring decisions and streamline and simplify end-to-end recruiting. “ClikSource is an all-in-one, on-demand hiring platform, which uses all the latest technologies and brings in a unique combination of AI and EI to transform the way hiring is done. This combination makes every step of the hiring cycle—from sourcing to screening a candidate—more interactive, provides a seamless and smooth experience to hiring managers, and also reduces the cost per hire with intelligent automation,” says Kumar. The platform was born to reduce the complexity and cost of using multiple point solutions from sourcing to hiring that exist to complete one end-to-end hiring cycle and increase the duration and complexity of the cycle.

ClikSource makes the hiring process simpler, smarter, easier, and faster through the complete integration of all the information and functions to benefit both employers and candidates alike. With ClikSource, employers can now connect, source, screen, and hire the most qualified candidates, all from one platform. The platform comprises innovative video and résumé components, and also provides insights on the social presence and technical proficiency of candidates to help employers hire with confidence. Video-enriched job descriptions allow employers to add videos that more effectively brand the company and open job requisitions, resulting in improved candidate understanding and quality of applicants. ClikSource’s hiring platform leverages AI (advanced matching algorithms) to source the right candidate for a particular requirement, identify the technical proficiency, and allows the candidate to take a test for the same proficiency from over 650 proctored skills assessments. The platform also equips employers with a real-time analytics engine that pulls custom dashboards and reporting to aid in decision making. When it comes to the EI component of the platform, Kumar explains, “Instead of only posting job descriptions, skill sets required, location and salary details, hiring managers can take this process to the next level with our EI component. We enable them to brand themselves by uploading cultural videos about their company and more. They can record their own video explaining what they are looking for in a candidate, pertaining to both technical and soft skills.”

On the other hand, candidates can search, and 1-click apply for their ideal opportunity in seconds using a 360° profile, significantly increasing their chances of being noticed while reducing the pain of hopping back and forth between job boards.

The combination of AI and EI provides 360° smart profiles of candidates that include video and relevant assessments designed to help them better brand themselves for employers

“Often, employers match a candidate and look into their résumé, only to find that the candidate fails to meet their expectations in the interview. This time-consuming process is made simpler through our AI and EI, providing 360° smart profiles of candidates that include video and relevant assessments designed to help them better brand themselves for employers,” adds Kumar. Candidates can upload videos where they express why they think they are an ideal fit for a particular job. These 360° smart applicant profiles go way beyond the traditional résumé with candidate branding that not only helps employers get to know a candidate but also greatly improve hiring and retention rates. “Our integrated platform focused on both employers and job-seekers is like Uber for recruiting. Candidates and employers can interact, schedule interviews, and also send/ receive feedback—all in real-time. While AI can assist in finding the best match through résumé, EI gleaned from interactive video features can help understand and analyze employer and candidate perspectives.”

ClikSource’s unique platform is already creating ripples in the market and has significantly improved the recruiting process, bringing in the appropriate and qualified potential candidates that employers are looking for. Businesses leveraging ClikSource can benefit from a significant return on investment, which includes a 30 percent increase in candidate acceptance rate, a 25 percent increase in quality candidates, a 30 percent reduction in time to fill, and a 50 percent reduction in cost per hire. The app’s intuitive interface is simple and uniform across all devices, and delivers smart, shared user experiences for employers and candidates. Illustrating the benefits of the ClikSource platform, Kumar mentions how a client’s candidates were sourced based on matching résumés. But the conversion rate from interview to hire was less than 40 percent. ClikSource deployed its platform, and the video components helped the client gain knowledge about the candidates and their skills upfront. Secondly, the platform’s technical screening requires no technical professional to interview candidates. In a nutshell, post-deployment of the ClikSource platform, the client’s conversion rate from interview to hire went up to 71 percent.

Scripting similar success stories for its clients, ClikSource has nowhere to go but up. For the next 12 to 18 months, in terms of product enhancement, the company continues to explore and employ EI concepts, such as how the screening of candidates’ personalities can serve as a determinant of the right technical jobs for them. Besides deploying AI, the company is also building an element of identity management or background and reference checks for candidates by utilizing blockchain technology. ClikSource is also leveraging predictive analytics at each stage of the hiring cycle, enabling both the employers and candidates to proceed to the next step of recruitment more confidently with the knowledge of the candidates’ likelihood to join the employer’s organization after the interview, and the candidates’ likelihood to be successful at the job after joining, and more.


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Atul Kumar, CEO

ClikSource provides its namesake all-in-one, on-demand hiring platform that digitally connects employers and job seekers in real time. Powered by all the latest technologies, ClikSource brings in a unique combination of AI and EI to make every step of the hiring cycle—from sourcing to screening a candidate—more interactive, providing a seamless and smooth experience to hiring managers with intelligent automation. Businesses leveraging ClikSource can benefit from a significant return on investment, which includes increase in candidate acceptance rate, increase in quality candidates, reduction in time to fill, and reduction in cost per hire