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With a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 25 years of experience in building predictive models and 15 years of teaching data science, Dr. Natasha Balac founded Data Insight Discovery (DID) in 2014 to help clients unlock hidden insight from data to drive more effective decision making and enhance end-to-end business. “We provide solutions that range from developing Big Data strategic plans and strengthening decision making through a deeper understanding of data, to designing and deploying data analytics, visualization and predictive models to predict future behaviors,” says Dr. Balac, the founder and CEO of the company. The company continually adds value to its services to foster an environment where its innovative data-driven approach to solving business problems enables clients to gain competitive advantage and significant ROI.

By leveraging a wide variety of technologies, DID offers a full stack of data related services across diverse industry verticals by combining proven expertise in advanced analytics and mature data technologies with continuous involvement and thought leadership in emerging data technologies. These services include business requirements analysis, conceptual solution and strategy, optimal vendor-neutral architecture and technology selection, analytics, visualization and model building, implementation, deployment, maintenance and support. DID excels in bridging the gap between various corporate silos, and providing a holistic approach to clients’ data and technology needs.

We foster an environment where our innovative data-driven approach to solving business problems enables clients to gain competitive advantage and significant ROI

DID’s team has deployed a number of successful projects in several key areas, from operational and business process analytics to customer analytics and anomaly detection. Past projects include condition based and predictive maintenance, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless, risk and failure prediction and optimization, sales forecasting, customer segmentation and process optimization. DID develops Big Data strategies to solve its clients’ challenges by first examining the business problem at hand and then conducting a data audit. “Auditing the data allows us to lay down a solid foundation for development of the most appropriate analytics and predictive models that we then further optimize and customize to satisfy customers specific business needs,” explains Natasha.

One of the company’s recent collaborations was with a video gaming company. The client was launching a new game and had over 125,000 beta testers. In collaboration with the client, DID developed a customized survey with questions ranging from content preferences to spending habits. After collecting and mining the survey data, DID created a customer segmentation that enabled the client to make crucial business decisions. Not only did this information aid in predicting which customers were most likely to churn, it also helped define which marketing tactics would be most effective for each of its unique customer segments. This project delivered a significant ROI including a greater than 400 percent lift in sales.

In addition to directly applying data science, Dr. Balac’s extensive background in education adds a unique element to DID’s offerings by providing training to clients on topics related to Big Data tools and technologies, machine learning, data engineering and IoT. “We provide training to our clients to ensure that they can provision best practices on the new data-centric implementation and avoid expensive pitfalls,” states Natasha. DID also curates on-site training programs tailored specifically for a client’s needs including technical topics as well as a set of curricular specifically designed for management and executives.

DID’s vision is to help organizations develop and deploy successful AI projects and help bridge the Data Science talent gap, especially enabling the females entering the Big Data and advanced analytics space. DID aspires to enable data-driven approaches that create the agility required to propel organizations forward and meet the needs of today’s ever more demanding, data-driven world. DID enables organizations to apply advanced data analytics approaches not only on a project-by-project basis, but broadly across the organization by enabling a data and model-driven culture.

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Tim Sparks, CEO

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