Clockwork Solutions: Predictive Analytics For Enterprise Asset Management

Joseph G. Berti, CEO
The era of Big Data and predictive analysis has witnessed quite a positive change in the way businesses function today. A key reason Clockwork Solutions, based in Austin, TX, works on predictive analytics for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions improving asset availability, optimizing operating costs and reducing risk of unplanned maintenance, resulting in billions of dollars of cost avoidance, savings and/or profitability for their customers.

The aerospace industry leverages the benefits of Clockwork Solutions thoroughly; whether it involves managing the overall costs of an engine, transmission or rotor blades, predicting the lead-time to obtain a repair part, or scheduling the required maintenance to optimize fleet uptime. Joseph G Berti, CEO of Clockwork Solutions says, “We use massive computing power to break down complex problems and solve them much quicker, further allowing us to run multiple scenarios and compare them to assist clients in the various situations they may encounter.”

With extensive experience in improving availability, increasing production and lowering operating costs, the Clockwork LCM Cloud™ addresses EAM issues via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The high fidelity predictive analytics support faster and more accurate decision support.
A core product of the company is Insight LCM™ the only predictive analytics solution for capital intensive assets that combines Big Data, software and expertise in a way that results in increased availability, reduced inventory, improved utilization, and billions worth of cost avoidance, savings and or profitibility. Unlike traditional forecasting methods that make predictions by trending historical generic procurement data, Insight LCM enables planning based on the current condition of individual assets, their planned usage, intended operating environment, logistics network and other support systems.

Clockwork Solutions has framed an upbeat reputation for itself by posing as a helping hand for several known organizations in the aerospace industry like General Dynamics, Raytheon, BAE Systems, the U.S. Air Force and the Israel Aerospace Industries. Also, by building strategic relationships with other leaders such as SAP and Jaspersoft, the firm has extended its reach to more potential customers.

The aerospace and defense industry relies heavily on the Insight LCM solution, as capital management and sustainment are critical priorities for the industry. However, the solution is being sold in additional industry with needs around managing critical capital intensive assets, such as, energy, transportation, heavy machinery, semiconductor and healthcare. In the coming years, Clockwork Solutions looks forward to launching complementary solutions to drive additional value for its customers.

Clockwork Solutions

Joseph G. Berti, CEO and Austin, TX

Provides customers the ability to digest huge amounts of complex data and provide clear answers with its agile analytic infrastructure.