Cloud 9 Infosystems: Architecting the Cloud for Seamless Flexibility

CIO VendorChetan Malavia, Founder and CEO
Chetan Malavia fondly recalls his journey to the creation of Cloud 9 Infosystems. Having lead different functions at Microsoft Consulting Services and run a multi-million dollar Dynamics National Sales and Operations business, Chetan had closely witnessed the evolution of the cloud. Its transformation from an enterprise level SOA and SaaS architecture to an end user level consumption through tablet and mobile form factors. The support of companies like Microsoft and AWS who were devoting resources to create an infrastructure and platform that made it easier for the end user to access and consume cloud even in its newer form— ‘Internet of Things’. “All these factors and passion for the concept lead to the formation of Cloud 9 Infosystems, an organization that was ‘born in the cloud’,” remarks Chetan.

The think tank at Cloud 9 comprises of Microsoft alumni who have been a part of developing the cloud practice at Microsoft. Cloud 9 has architects and developers trained in Microsoft and open source technologies to help clients build, migrate, and extend their applications to the cloud.
One of the biggest challenges of the emerging cloud computing market is the correct architecture. For instance an incorrectly architected solution that is not deployed efficiently, results in a dramatic increase in costs. “The attempt to rectify the erroneous SOA system after deployment is like trying to fix a plane while in-flight and the result is predictably disastrous,” says Chetan.

Cloud 9 has developed a proprietary cloud assessment framework that assures “predictable process to ensure success” in every scenario, claims Malavia. Additionally, Cloud 9 has created numerous packaged “Quick Start” service offerings that leverage Cloud 9 tools to move specific IT workloads to the cloud. Some of the Microsoft centric offerings include Office 365 migration, Azure IaaS migration and Microsoft Cloud single sign-on.
“Our team is very experienced in architecting and designing services based applications and has been providing consulting for the financial services and health care industries extensively,” states Malavia.

A talented pool of global resources provides both skill breadth and depth. For instance, one of the company’s clients ran their applications on a large number of cores processing over multiple hours every night. Cloud 9 consultants were able to architect a cloud solution leveraging the Microsoft cloud to scale on demand and reduce processing time from hours to minutes.

“As our name Cloud 9 suggests; we keep our promise to clients that their journey to the cloud will be as much of a superlative Cloud 9 quality experience as the destination,” he adds.

“Being a gold status Microsoft Partner on cloud platform, our competency places us in the top five percent of Microsoft partners for our expertise and we are indeed proud of this accomplishment,” says Chetan. Going forward, Cloud 9 envisions itself to emerge as a true cloud integrator that provides guidance and service across different cloud services regardless of the platform. “We would like to continue to design more and more cloud services integration across different platforms to address specific needs of our customers and give them a seamless experience,” concludes Chetan.

As our name Cloud 9 suggests; we keep our promise to clients that their journey to the cloud will be as much of a superlative Cloud 9 quality experience as the destination

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Chetan Malavia, Founder and CEO

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