Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS): Accelerating Cloud Innovation

Larry Biggs, SVP Corporate Business Development
In today’s digital era, cloud adoption is growing at a rate that will soon have it dominate IT infrastructure spend. With an aim to increase cloud ROI and simplify IT infrastructure complexities, cloud providers are finding new ways to create a fully automated cloud environment.

Starting at the data center level, the automation process brings together technologies to build powerful cloud infrastructure.

In such a scenario, organizations need flexible solutions with capabilities that go beyond basic infrastructure requirements to manage suppliers across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments and take advantage of evolving technologies.

Based in Austin, TX, Cloud Automation Solutions (CAS) offers reliable, secure, leading edge cloud automation services.

They provide customers with fully packaged solutions for planning, implementation, migration, and maintenance of public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The Inception and Journey

CAS was founded by a team of IT architects and engineers who specialized in Cisco cloud, hybrid, and on-premise technologies.

They saw the need to extend those capabilities in the marketplace. CAS enhanced the Cisco platform and created services around the Cisco cloud platform tools enabling users to leverage fully the Cisco cloud, deployment, and automation products.

CAS focuses on extending cloud technologies, delivering higher business value, and lowering the cost of deploying, leveraging and maintaining cloud technologies.

“All our engagements have been delivered on time at fixed prices—we’ve been able to do this because we have domain specific expertise for all platforms and devices,” says Larry Biggs, Corporate Business Development & Sales of CAS.

Addressing Customer Needs and Increasing ROI

Cloud technology constantly evolves, and so do customer needs. One cloud solution cannot meet the demands of an organization, because the business requirements and processes change rapidly.

“We look at such a situation differently. We examine the customer problems and their business objective, and then we help them adopt the best fit solution,” Biggs explains. “Customers must receive a strong ROI in the cloud. This is especially true for firms with a long-term legacy of IT solutions that were or are not cloud-based.”

According to Alvin Brown, VP of Operations, CAS, “We work to ensure that our clients’ cloud infrastructure solutions are delivered in alignment with their business requirements and return on investments, not only their IT needs or flavor-of-the-month technology.”

All this can be achieved if the proper solutions are integrated to fully leverage cloud technologies and automation and achieve the highest business value.

This is where CAS comes in. “ROI is measured relative to the acquisition cost of a solution plus the costs of implementing, deploying, and maintaining the solution.”

CAS’s services for cloud are fully customizable and end-to-end, connecting front-office and back-office solutions.

ROI is measured relative to the acquisition cost of a solution plus the costs of implementing, deploying, and maintaining the solution

All CAS engagements begin with consultations to identify the customer’s business drivers and objectives and accordingly solutions are designed—be it off-the-shelf, completely new, or integrations of old and new.

CAS works closely with customer IT staff for in-depth cloud assessments and to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that fits the customer’s current IT infrastructure needs with flexibility for the changing business environment.

“We prefer to get involved before clients choose a certain strategy and host of technologies, so that we can assess and recommend the best solution to achieve their business objectives,” adds Brown.

“However, that’s not always the case. Often we engage with large enterprises post technology decisions. We assess, plan, create, integrate, and/or modify technologies to enable clients to achieve their original business objectives.”

For instance, a U.S. based voice and data network communication and enterprise cloud data center provider adopted CAS’s cost-effective and customized automation services to address their cloud needs.

The client wanted a cost-effective cloud solution and instead of pushing pre-configured bundles, CAS focused on what was ideal for the customer’s business needs and how to satisfy those needs.

CAS engineers customized a cloud automation technology environment accordingly. They simplified the client’s processes and minimized complexities of cloud automation while delivering the customer's expected end results.

Innovation and Beyond

CAS has extensively invested in their innovation labs primarily to test and prove their solution recommendations are able to address clients’ requirements.

They are also investing heavily in new cloud technologies, both in their labs and in the cloud, to determine how they can be utilized to empower organizations. CAS has developed integration and services relationships with firms like CollabNet and Clarive to design and implement their new solutions.

Additionally, the CAS team works closely with their customers’ IT team to help develop comprehensive cloud strategies that best fit their IT infrastructure needs and business requirements.

Moving forward, CAS wants to extend their cloud technologies toward newer platforms, especially open source, which will result in lower software licensing cost!

“The IT infrastructure of today is hyper-complex and few solution providers are able to establish and maintain the expertise required to manage the complex environments. We are moving to fill those gaps,” concludes Biggs.

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Larry Biggs, SVP Corporate Business Development and Raghava ReddyReddy, CTO

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