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Bryan Coville, Founder & President
Apart from the lack of expertise in Oracle technologies and business practices, today CIOs find difficulty in retaining quality database administrators (DBAs) and managing data growth with limited resources,” says Bryan Coville, Founder and President, CloudCreek Systems. These challenges eventually lead to complexities like system blackouts, poor performance, upset users, and overworked DBAs. Though, companies perform due diligence and reviews; information security risks, cloud adoption, and converged infrastructure are driving today’s database industry. As an Oracle business partner since 1996, Cloud Creek Systems is empowered to address the industry challenges with deep technical skillsets and industry experience.

"My goal when starting the company was to deploy, customize, and build applications deployed on Oracle technology,” says Coville. “Overtime, we noticed most shops have a hard time managing their systems, navigating Oracle licensing, and ensuring the investment was maximized.” The company enables 24x7 proactive remote monitoring with a team of fulltime DBAs, helping companies deploy and manage Oracle technology. Additionally, Cloud Creek’s disaster recovery (DR) solution enables customers to strategize a disaster recovery plan and ensure data safety. “The DR resources assist in designing, testing, and deploying a smart, safe, and logical DR strategy to better leverage and protect investments.”

For the last 20 years Cloud Creek has developed an Oracle Database Practice responsible for over 1,500 service engagements. Cloud Creek performs regular maintenance work as well as ondemand per customer request. This has led to many companies in the small to midmarket space to take advantage of Oracle Technology while minimizing their risks of failure.

“The largest change that the database segment has witnessed is the introduction of converged infrastructure, which is a combination of hardware and software. Oracle is a leader in this field with their line of Engineered Systems.
To manage this situation, we have extended our services in the areas of infrastructure servers and storage, and provided consultation services around converged infrastructure,” points out Coville. “Apart from solving numerous challenges involving Oracle technology, we simplify the underlying infrastructure for better optimization and expansion of clients’ resources. Our goal, find a better return on investment (ROI),” expresses Coville. For instance, a client of Cloud Creek—e-Harmony required flexibility in their infrastructure to vile away the difficulties with database migration. Cloud Creek provided the client with effective consulting services that helped them reduce downtime through two, massive, multi-terabyte database migrations. By building a plan that provided final cutover in a 30-minute fixed window; this enabled eHarmony to schedule the outage and limit downtime avoiding disruption in services.

Cloud Creek, on their innovation front, has a data lab that houses majority of their infrastructure as well as client support. The lab is a center for testing new ideas, research, and testing new Oracle technologies that enter the market.

Apart from solving numerous challenges involving Oracle technology, we simplify the underlying infrastructure for better optimization and expansion of clients’ resources

A myriad of organizations has benefited from the commitment to excellence offered by Cloud Creek Systems. Moving ahead, the company believes in constant education to provide relevant knowledge to assist companies in acquiring, deploying and managing Oracle software, hardware and cloud services. “I tell my team to stick with our expertise, continue to provide exceptional service, and meet our client’s expectations. This philosophy assist CIOs in the managing their business for the long haul,” concludes Coville.

Cloud Creek Systems

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Bryan Coville, Founder & President

An Oracle technology service provider, focusing on data management, data replication and system consulting.