Cloud Logistics :Enabling Rapid Transportation Success and Immediate ROI

Mark Nix, CEO
Today, retailers are looking beyond traditional formats, and are working towards achieving higher growth, not only across their primary offerings, but outside of their core competencies too. Subsequently, retailers have further come to realize that supply chain visibility is driving additional sales by knowing the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for all moving inventory which is critical when reducing safety stock and maintaining product on the store shelf. It has therefore become crucial for retailers to manage their product supply chain in an efficient manner–ensuring consistent supply, services, and quality across all channel platforms. “The only way to make it happen is through network connectivity and leveraging suitable technologies for alerting, instant messaging, portals, mobile apps, and EDI,” states Mark Nix, CEO, Cloud Logistics. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, Cloud Logistics was created to simplify the complexities of a global Transportation Management System by utilizing modern technology and eliminating the high cost of hardware, 3rd party software and IT administrative expenses by leveraging AWS Cloud.

“We bring the newest generation of logistics solutions to the global supply chain market so that companies of any size can benefit from our incredibly fast implementations,” reveals Nix. Cloud Logistics provides solutions that make the complexities of both domestic / international transportation management, collaboration with vendors and carriers as well as inventory visibility simple for retailers. The solution removes all of the expensive ingredients from older technology and provides better and newer technology.

The firm’s retail solutions offer global purchase order collaboration, manufacturing status updates, end-to-end shipment visibility, and freight calculations. Social work tools for business, such as the company’s Logistics Activity Stream (LAS), provides integrated document management which help trading partners to attach photos, invoices and other documents within the company’s secure social media feed. Retailers can further make their EDI85 PO data visible through Cloud Logistics’ vendor collaboration platform. The platform allows vendors to access the purchase orders (PO) and make necessary quantity adjustments, timing adjustments, and update the pickup time which notifies the carried. “Once the carrier departs, the retailer will have the visibility of their entire inbound moving inventory until it is unloaded on their dock,” says Nix.

We bring the newest generation of logistics solutions to the global supply chain market so that companies of any size can benefit from our incredibly fast implementations

The Cloud Logistics' architecture addresses the needs of all shippers. Accessible from a smart-phone, Cloud Logistics’ LAS and TMS are available anytime—whenever the shippers need to search for an important order or shipment status. The clients can further utilize Cloud Logistics’ iOS and Android apps to assign deliveries to their drivers, track the GPS signals from the mobile device, and capture proof of delivery (POD) signatures from each store stop-off. Cloud Logistics also offers configurable process workflows, alerts, and dashboard widgets, available as part of a ‘traditional’ TMS project or as part of the industry’s only Same Day TMS solution.

Cloud Logistics strives to deliver the most innovative logistics solutions for its clients to help them achieve operational efficiency. The company has developed a global end-to-end solution for a 2100 store retailer which enables them to efficiently manage their freight costs and communications. Moreover, the retailer receives alerts and KPI reporting on all of their activities.

Leveraging its years of TMS market experience with innovation has helped the company to develop robust solutions—in accord with the client’s need and which deliver immediate ROI. “Our vision has always been to take our decades of experience to disrupt the TMS industry, and simplify the complexities of logistics with a modern approach,” affirms Nix. Envisioning a future with greater opportunities, the company is striving towards providing leading functionalities of TMS to smaller companies who have their resources constrained in IT and operations.

Cloud Logistics

West Palm Beach, FL

Mark Nix, CEO

Cloud Logistics brings the newest generation of logistics solutions to the global supply chain market