Cloud Manager: Rendering End to End Cloud Management Solutions on Amazon Web Services

Craig Deveson, CEO
Breaking away from the ‘fear of cloud’, a majority of today’s enterprises embrace cloud computing to render numerous solutions and services. Public cloud vendors like Google and Amazon collaborate with these service providers across the globe to make the service delivery smooth and less cumbersome. Craig Deveson,the CEO of Cloud Manager Inc. who has seven years of experience in the field,intends to build a niche service through cloud computing technology. “Even now, many feel that cloud computing is strenuous to exercise, so we desire to structure it more functionally by joining hands with public clouds like Amazon, to render apt IT services to various sectors,” Deveson says. Based in San Francisco, CA, the firm offers cloud management solutions embedded with compatible applications for the IT industry.

Cloud computing advocates are currently pursuing recognition among all sectors, but there are some challenges in the way. With multiple systems, companies who use legacy infrastructure face issues relating to cost and complexities while moving to a cloud environment.“These are considered prior to stepping into a cloud environment, which is the real pain point,” states Deveson. Additionally, the shift from a capex to opex environment may disrupt the business functions for many. “But the continued operations on a cloud environment scale down the costs literally,” says Deveson. For instance, companies that own offshore software development departments may believe that their resources can be allotted more efficiently through cloud deployment that results in great cost savings.

Firms who have various departments like software development, testing, and production utilize multiple accounts, servers, and time zones. This in turn creates complexities in operations, especially when it comes to the naturally complex AWS. Cloud Manager confronts these issues initiating management of data in that specific environment. The end-to-end cloud management application integrates all these mentioned functions into one system in order to handle multiple systems in different time zones and billing under one unified platform.
Simultaneously, they formulate policies on the functional time of servers, different set ups, billing systems and reviews of the process on timely basis. Adding to that, more information is integrated into the same platform for customers benefit. Cloud Manager’s tailor-made solutions meet the needs of clients in specific verticals, as they help them utilize multiple cloud portals to manage the environment.

Setting up a cloud environment involves numerous challenges. For instance, one of Cloud Manager’s clients was looking to transition into a cloud environment. During the pursuit of this modification, the firm came across issues like workloads, data, multiple accounts and systems. All these challenges were easily confronted through Cloud Manager’s solution and within a short span of time the client’s testing platform was converted into a cloud based one. Moreover, the entire plan of modification was executed prior to productions and settings, which were handled simultaneously.

Despite intense competition in the market, Cloud Manger is able to hold a strong place because of its effectiveness. “We try to roll out a user-friendly Web Application to manage your cloud based principles of simplicity,” explains Deveson. Moreover, Cloud Manager’s partnership with Amazon Web services is blazing a path to a successful journey with the aim of catering to customers’ needs very efficiently.

Moving ahead, the company foresees more monitoring capabilities by firms with the help of cloud management solutions and connectors. At the same time, they follow the strategy of joining hands with more public clouds and provide customers with more infrastructure services for a unified experience to the client.“I believe that our solutions hold the capability to increase more visibility with less complexity in reducing operational costs,” Deveson concludes.

Cloud Manager

San Francisco, CA

Craig Deveson, CEO

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