Cloud Raxak: Simplifying and Automating Cloud Security Compliance

Prasanna Mulgaonkar, CEO & Co-Founder
Cloud computing delivers on-demand IT resources that provide businesses flexibility and costs savings. The challenge in moving application workloads to the cloud for regulated industries like financial services (FFIEC), healthcare (HIPAA), retail (PCI), and life sciences (GxP), has been the cost and complexity of security compliance across private and public clouds. Manual security compliance is slow, prone to human error, and represents over 40 percent of the cost of managing cloud applications. The time required for manual security compliance slows the pace of application development impacting the ability for businesses to innovate. The good news is that 95 percent of cloud security settings can be automated leading to cost savings and risk reduction by eliminating common configuration errors. Raxak Protect™, the firm’s flagship SaaS offering, enables IT and application development teams to automate security and ensure compliance across all IT infrastructures including on-premise bare-metal, private and public clouds. Starting with provisioning and continuing through the application lifecycle, Raxak Protect enables cloud apps to be deployed securely, quickly, cost-effectively and without human error. “With the increasing importance of compliance management, enterprises are starting to recognize that it is integral to move away from detection and blocking of known malicious activity, towards pro¬active defenses that can better handle risk through proper configuration,” explains Prasanna Mulgaonkar, CEO and Co-Founder, Cloud Raxak. “Raxak Protect allows customers to use the best-known-methods for security compliance at all times.”

Coined from the Sanskrit word ‘Raxak’ meaning ‘guardian’ or ‘protector’, Cloud Raxak acts as a ‘guardian’ of cloud workloads. Raxak Protect connects with its customers’ compute assets and applies a consistent security posture regardless of the location of the asset—whether it is a traditional datacenter server, or a virtual machine on any public cloud. It is an agent-less security platform that delivers full life-cycle compliance for Linux® and Windows® workloads including OpenStack® and Containers. This leads to consistency across the entire hybrid IT architecture.

Raxak Protect safeguards their clients from the “drift” or changes that can occur with their cloud applications over time.

Raxak Protect allows customers to use the best-known-methods for security compliance at all times

To keep up with the changing security threat landscape, the platform automatically applies the latest security profiles from the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) and regulated industries (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, FISMA). By integrating security compliance directly into the cloud app development process, Raxak Protect can accelerate application development enabling companies to quickly innovate while staying secure. Life and Home®, an online home and garden retailer, found that their manual security compliance was costly, time consuming, and impacted their ability to add innovative shopping features to their website. Raxak Protect security enables Life and Home to maintain compliance with retail industry regulations, lower their compliance costs, reduce their security risk, and keep their rapid development cycle. “With Raxak Protect, we can now automatically monitor, detect and remediate our security settings without manual intervention. With Raxak Protect, Life and Home can now achieve the best automated security available,” says Angelo Grasso, Vice President, Life and Home®.

When compared to other security compliance alternatives, Raxak Protect delivers a unique form of assured compliance based on a hardware root of trust established in the server at boot time. This is achieved by Cloud Raxak’s tight integrations with cloud offerings from IBM® and Hewlett Packard Enterprise®, and hardware features provided by processor vendors such as Intel®. “Using Intel’s CIT® technology on bare-metal servers used by IBM® SoftLayer or HPE® Helion Clouds— Raxak Protect can check the entire software stack for compliance and keep it safe from boot-time to end life,” says Mulgaonkar. By removing security compliance as a barrier to cloud adoption, Cloud Raxak expects to see a large growth in enterprise users migrating their IT from traditional infrastructures to hybrid clouds

Cloud Raxak

Los Gatos, CA

Prasanna Mulgaonkar, CEO & Co-Founder

Provides SaaS-based security offering to automate and simplify security compliance across private and public clouds

Cloud Raxak