Cloud4Wi: Delivering the Ultimate Tool for Tapping into Customer Location Data

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Andrea Calcagno, CEO
Customers today want to interact with retailers in a personalized and consistent manner across both offline and online channels. This means retailers have to achieve a cohesive engagement strategy through a 360-degree view of each customer. In the digital world, it's easy for retailers to gather actionable customer data, such as: who they are, what they're searching for, and how much time they spend browsing. In the physical world, instead, retailers have traditionally been at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing customers.

That's where customer location data promises a feasible way forward. It is a powerful means to build a powerful omnichannel strategy by designing breakthrough journeys that resonate with customers.

Enter Cloud4Wi.

By helping retailers design breakthrough journeys that perfectly delight customers, Cloud4Wi enables them to learn more about customer behavior inside and outside their stores by revealing real-time moments in the customer journey to trigger relevant messages at the right time and place.

"Designed with modern retailers in mind, Cloud4Wi delivers customer location data to empower retailers to design breakthrough journeys in a whole new way," says Andrea Calcagno, the CEO of Cloud4Wi. Leveraging their WiFi network and their mobile apps, the company enables retailers to reveal customer behaviors inside and outside their physical locations. In detail, Cloud4Wi gathers customer contacts, including name, email, phone number, age, gender, and preferences, and real-time customer actions in the physical world. Further, the company ensures that everything is implemented according to business requirements and in compliance with all privacy regulations – including GDPR and CCPA.

Cloud4Wi automatically feeds customer location data in real-time into a retailer's existing martech stack. This way retailers have the instant ability to connect reliably with unique branded journeys that drive loyalty and revenue.
This way, retailers can trigger customers based on their location-based, real-time actions. For example, they can provide loyal customers with instant gratification through regional or seasonal offers, incentivize repeat business with deals across multiple locations, and drive customer loyalty with tailored rewards programs. They can create an effective email campaign to reactivate lapsed customers with special promotions to buy again. They can also reach out to those who are walking right past their location with targeted deals to drive them back for a purchase. They can even trigger surveys to collect customer preferences and measure customer satisfaction.

Cloud4Wi provides 50+ ready-to-use connectors that span a wide array of application categories, such as CRM, CDP, marketing cloud, and loyalty program. The company can also develop custom connectors for companies that have unique requirements. This automation is a key market differentiator for retailers as they can start acting on data from day one.

To put things into perspective, gathering customer location data has been a key strategy for many global retailers, and Guess is no exception. The company's use of WiFi provides an opportunity to send customers offers that are tailored specifically towards their location-based behaviors to accelerate sales at stores.

We unleash countless mobile-focused use cases with and without mobile app, inside and outside retailer's locations

"We unleash countless mobile focused use cases with and without mobile app, inside and outside retailer's locations," says Andrea. "Retailers can bring customer offline data into their existing tools in just a few clicks through 50+ ready-to-use connectors and remain compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale."


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Andrea Calcagno, CEO

By helping retailers design breakthrough journeys that perfectly delight customers, Cloud4Wi is enabling them to learn more about how customers behave inside and outside their stores.