CloudAccess: Providing Affordable and Manageable Security-as-a-Service

CIO VendorKevin Nikkhoo, CEO & Founder
Kevin Nikkhoo, a serial entrepreneur with an extensive experience in IT and security founded CloudAccess on a simple vision: to deliver affordable and manageable. CloudAccess provides comprehensive security-as-a-service in the cloud or on-premise “to identify threats and have a better visibility into user behavior and application behavior,” says Nikkhoo. “Our suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of security traditional security products including lack of visibility into user and application behavior, cost, integration, maintenance and time-to-market,” he adds.

CloudAccess’ REACTTM or Realtime Event and Access Correlation Technology is a unified security platform that leverages the cooperative functionality of key toolsets and/or deployed solutions. REACT promotes 360 degree visibility into an enterprise, providing a holistic approach to security management to see who is doing what, when, and where. It creates asset protection by broadening the reach and scope of enterprise monitoring, access, authentication and centralized control. “REACT has a very unique approach for pro-active behavior analysis which is user a n d application focused. “We correlate event and information about user identity, information from the application and network security; all combined in a correlation engine, and as a result, can analyze the patterns of behavior,” asserts Nikkhoo. The key is that the data is continuously monitored and correlated in real-time. This allows a higher, more responsive degree of proactivity through security administration and faster reactivity to any actionable event. As a comprehensive forensic analytic, REACT is not a collection of individual solutions and functions, but an interpolation of all the data across the enterprise.
As the leading security platform for monitoring and control, CloudAccess partnered with HP to provide the necessary to not only be able to see usage and behavior of the applications and the users, but also to detect any anomalies and be able to take action in real-time to prevent data loss or be able to protect intellectual property. “We help customers to detect whereabouts of the systems, users and applications,” says Nikkhoo.

The company differentiates itself with a unique “Access, Enforce, Analyze, Secure” platform that can be completely configured based on customer needs. “Our solutions are cost-effective, quick to implement, and scalable in nature,” claims Nikkhoo.

Since inception, the CloudAccess has been helping clients with its best-of-the-breed solutions and services. For instance, BCBG, a leading retail company was challenged with a variety of security issues—mainly by a great many devices across the country creating vast amounts of log data, which overwhelmed existing IT resources. On top of that, there were questions about levels of POS exposure across a substantial distributed network which necessitated the use of internet resources, regulating and monitoring online account access and internal threats. Taking hold of the situation, CloudAccess solved BCBG’s problems by instituting real time monitoring solution that incorporates data from all POS and register devices, creating alert process via trans-enterprise correlation and reducing costs, yet expanding capability. This resulted BCBG in protecting the personal and sensitive data entrusted to them by employees, partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers.

Moving forward, CloudAccess plans to expand its geographic footprint and innovate its product line. “We have created a new aggregate dashboard for REACT which will be available shortly. The new feature will allow the customer to have a one single dashboard that would present the entire view on enterprise security,” concludes Nikkhoo.


Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Nikkhoo, CEO & Founder

Provides comprehensive state-of-the art security-as-a-service from the cloud