Cloudastructure: Implementing Video Surveillance In Cloud-based Infrastructure

CIO VendorRick Bentley, CEO
Business owners and facility managers are faced with a wide array of challenges and threats to their bottom line, especially when they are responsible for managing more than one physical location. However, many business owners are reducing shrinkage, stopping break-ins before they happen, and managing access to multiple facilities all with cloud-controlled video surveillance and access control systems.

A company named Cloudastructure has put the physical infrastructure of enterprises into the cloud. With the current offerings of hosted, remotely managed Video Surveillance and Access Control, one just decides which cameras they want and how many doors one wants to connect. Cloudastructure established in Palo Alto, CA puts the intelligence online and the data safely offsite.
Rick Bentley, CEO, founded the firm. He says, “Cloudastructure onsite hardware offers a price much lower than industry standard, regardless of where you are located, and provides a way to manage multiple locations that is truly revolutionary.”

Incongruously Poised In IoT Space:
Cloudastructure Video Surveillance is a web-based camera management and video storage solution that delivers the most secure and economical solution in the market. The Cloudastructure Door Controller is a low-cost network appliance that controls a wide range of door locks and sensors. General purpose I/O, both digital and analog, allows for all kinds of IoT applications like what to do if the server room is too hot, the outbuilding is too cold, there is water in the basement, someone at the door, etc.

While the last-generation surveillance solutions were expensive and difficult to expand because they required end-users to install, run and maintain management software and video storage equipment at each surveillance site. The firm centralizes camera management and video storage in a web service platform - eliminating onsite software and the need for storage hardware. The offsite service delivers unmatched security, is cheaper to deploy and maintain, and easier to scale than any last-generation solution. The company takes special interest in terms of IoT and designs the required structure and focuses on scalability and the integration of the different services within the managed space.
Likewise, doors, cameras, alarm and other infrastructure is reinforced. The firm notifies an individual; about a basement being too cold or if someone is at the door by setting up automated notifications and actions for when they occur.

One can verify alarm events and maintain police dispatch services by adopting the service. The ‘End User’ has the ability to view video, customize and remotely monitor access to their facility, remotely unlock doors, receive custom reports and notifications of when their facility is being accessed, or perform any other system function through a web browser interface on their PC or mobile device.

The offsite service delivers unmatched security, is cheaper to deploy and maintain, and easier to scale than any last-generation solution

A large public university, before they met Cloudastructure, suffered management headaches, needing to manage a different NVR in each building on campus. Moving to the firm’s solution, they kept their existing cameras and installed a CVR (Cloud Video Recorder) for each building centralizing management and improving functionality.

Ideology to ‘Earn Wings’:
The organization’s biggest challenge is to grow quickly over the next several years and identify needs, studying temperature and light patterns accordingly.

“Our upcoming services will include Lighting, HVAC and other Physical Infrastructure in the Cloud. Face recognition verification of badge holders and NFC-smart phones as access credentials will be commercially available from us soon,” says Rick.


Palo Alto, CA

Rick Bentley, CEO

A provider of secure video surveillance and access control services.