Cloudbakers: Engineering Successful Cloud Migrations for Better Productivity

Mitch Greenwald, Founder & CEO
“It is an undisputed and universal fact that CIOs are tasked to do more with less,” says Mitch Greenwald, who was the CIO of a $400 million company where he endeavored to draw more productivity through limited resources. He wanted to replace the existing infrastructure with cloud solutions that would eliminate hard-to-budget large projects, while improving operational efficiency, cash flow, and enabling real-time collaboration. He researched, experimented, and implemented numerous cloud solutions, but couldn’t find a partner who could help his company’s transition to the cloud. “While I knew that Google was the right choice, I needed someone who could help manage the changes,” he adds. That led to the birth of Cloudbakers. “With Cloudbakers, my goal was to help others who have the same needs that I faced at my former company,” he says, and fondly recalls the event as if he jumped off a cliff and landed on a “cloud”. Years later, the Cloudbakers’ team has perfected migrations, made awesome relationships, and continues to grow in all positive aspects.

The company’s trusted team of Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists work with clients to develop a custom migration strategy that meets business needs and budget by leveraging technical migration, training, and support expertise. “Having migrated hundreds of businesses to the Google Apps platform, we intimately understand the needs of IT, the C-Suite and end-users,” states Greenwald. “Also, we perform turnkey migrations or teach the technical staff depending on budgetary and staffing constraints,” he adds.

Born in the cloud, Cloudbakers is a Google Managed Premier Partner and advocates for their clients within Google. “Our proven Change Management allows organizations to adopt new technology quickly and confidently—so much, so that there's no productivity loss from day one,” says Greenwald. Cloudbakers offers Google Apps for Work to help companies migrate from their legacy systems to secure, reliable and cost-effective email and workflow automation solutions. “Once our clients make the move to the cloud, we integrate third party applications with their systems to further leverage their environment,” declares Greenwald.
Cloudbakers has hand-picked the products based on what they have seen work best for businesses and work seamlessly with Google Apps. The suite of apps includes Gmail, IM, audio and voice chats, calendar, drive, docs, sheets, slides and more. All these tools help businesses and their teams work better together, making it simple to plan projects and meetings; easily upload, organize and share files within a centralized unlimited storage space; access important business documents in the office or on the go across various devices and platforms; efficiently communicate with customers, employees, and work collaboratively with partners, vendors and others; and help create personalized email addresses using company’s domain name.

Having migrated hundreds of businesses to the Google Apps platform, we intimately understand the needs of IT, the C-Suite and end-users

In one instance, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive orthopedic services saw a constant demand to support new mobile devices including the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. However, supporting these different devices was becoming an IT nightmare. After evaluating all the available options, the health institution engaged Cloudbakers to realize the tremendous value of Google Apps and went all-in. Cloudbakers handled the client’s email migration, optimally configured their multi-location environment, and trained the technical staff on how to best leverage Google Apps for Work. The assistance has increased productivity and collaboration amongst all levels of the organization.

“Our transparency has allowed us to form the most genuine relationships with the clients, stay focused on the success of projects, and continue to grow as a company,” says Greenwald. “We transform businesses by being proactive as we evolve projects into partnerships, and bring the human element to technology” he concludes.


Chicago, IL

Mitch Greenwald, Founder & CEO

Cloudbakers offers Google Apps for Work to help companies migrate from legacy systems to secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud-based systems solutions that enhance business processes.