Cloudbooking: A Game Changer in Facility Management and Hybrid Work Model

Gerry Brennan, Founder, and CEO
The facility management space expects tremendous growth in the coming years due to the advent of new technologies, like the cloud. Cloud-based facility management solutions are becoming more popular among companies due to their ease of use and lower cost than traditional software.

This is due to the increasing demand for facilities management services and the need for businesses to focus on core competencies rather than gettingbogged down by the day-to-day running of their buildings. This being said, most solutions in this space fail to meet the growing needs of businesses. Cloudbooking is adamant about changing that.

Founded over two decades ago, Cloudbooking aims to be the most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable cloud-based facility management solution in the market. It has developed a platform that allows businesses to streamline their facilities operations while saving time and money through an integrated approach. This will enable facilities managers to focus on what they do best while Cloudbooking takes care of their entire facility.

While organizations in this space focus on one or two segments—booking space or visitor management—Cloudbooking offers a complete stack of solutions, managing desks to rooms, car parking to visitors, and right down to the background checks for attendees accessing sensitive sites. For instance, managing nuclear power stations and aircraft manufacturing sites requires high security, and they often need to verify their visitors’ credentials. Cloudbooking’s solution is a fully integrated system that enables these organizations to manage their entire visitor lifecycle; booking, identity verification, and more.

“As a SaaS-based business, we take a consulting approach when we speak to our clients instead of giving a sales pitch,” says Gerry Brennan, founder and CEO of Cloudbooking. Before all else, it spends time to understand the needs of its clients and proceeds to customize a solution for its facilities. This approach has enabled the facility management firm to boost a more than 96 percent client retention rate.

The customization begins bycreating a landing page of the system and is cleverly associated with aclient’s geographical territory or recognizable landmark. Cloudbooking follow that with a visually striking, custom built image of the client’sentire facility that Cloudbooking creates using a 3D-rendered interactive model. Clients can seamlessly interact with this model to explore every aspect of their space. It is a visual treat that makes the whole user experience more immersive, enjoyable, and engaging.
Cloudbooking also helps clients adopt a hybrid working model. Since the pandemic, hybrid working is the go-to option for businesses looking to retain employees while reducing costs. The business world is rife with expensive hybrid solutions that fail to offer a holistic approach. Cloudbooking is leading the way in providing anaffordable, scalable, and secure cloud-based solution.

Organizations can manage thousands of employees seamlessly with Cloudbooking’s help. They can assign desks, parking spaces, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and more to each team coming to the office across particular days. What Cloudbooking does differently is building neighborhoods and team zones that will seat a group of people who coming together to connect with their colleagues or collaborate on the same project.

As a SaaS-based business, we take a consulting approach when we speak to our clients instead of giving a sales pitch

By allowing the seamless management of workspaces through digital transformation and frictionless technology can have incredible results. A few years ago, a local authority based in Kensington, London approached Cloudbooking to make their workplace more efficient. Due to the ongoing pressures caused by increasing headcount and lack of additional funds for new realestate, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea needed to understand how their spaces was being used, who was using it, and how they could optimize what they already had even further. The council needed a solution that supported their workspace strategy of ‘Unconscious Effort’. The strategy focused on employees moving around their workspace with minimal interaction required and a streamlined solution that evoked change without impacting the user. Cloudbooking empowered the use of RFID technology for passive desk booking, activated room optimization with booking tablets, whilst empowering data to track all aspects of estate usage, including booking time utilized and money saved.

The results were outstanding with meeting room availability increased by 46%, equating to a £2m saving on external space that would have otherwise been required.

Cloudbooking’s technology, which can be easily integrated with Google and Outlook, is a game changer. Inaddition, clients can build custom-made solutions for modern workspaces and facility management needs, making Cloudbooking a trustworthy name in the business world.


London, UK

Gerry Brennan, Founder, and CEO

Cloudbooking allows organizations to transform their offices into flexible workspaces by enabling people to do their in-office work.