cloudBuy: Automating Procure-to-Pay Process for Businesses

Ronald Duncan, Chairman & CIO
For Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) of today's enterprise, managing end-to-end sourcing and procurement process within the confined budget is an arduous task. To execute this job they require a dedicated team who can scrutinize funds, adhere to contract and manage multiple vendors. Communicating with suppliers over phone and email does not guarantee the completion of a procurement agreement within the stipulated time. “To change this complex scenario, enterprises require a well built solution that can monitor multiple suppliers, contracts, pricing and enhance procurement in a positive direction,” says Ronald Duncan, Chairman and CIO, cloudBuy.

cloudBuy’s solutions for buyers helps B2B purchasers understand and optimize costs and increase value. cloudBuy delivers an integrated solution to automate a clients procure-to-pay process. The solution set includes granular spend data analysis, compliance-focused strategic sourcing capabilities, supplier-managed web content and touch-less eCommerce payment functionality.

This highly functional solution accommodates purchase orders, contracts, and invoices ensuring client has the knowledge to continually optimize all procurement activities across the organization. The firm’s cloud enabled eCommerce platform is designed to host web-sites, purchasing portals, amongst others. It also enables online interactions among businesses, government agencies and other clients. cloudBuy’s major product eCommerce Marketplace makes the operations functional for B2B and B2C. The solution is designed to showcase the pricing of products only to registered organizations. This makes the product an attractive prospect for suppliers and plays an influencing role in them adopt this solution. “With cloudBuy we allow suppliers to make goods and services easy to purchase for their customers, and display their offering through high quality eCommerce sites, as well as providing buyers efficient and secure savings,” shares Duncan.

cloudBuy views its customers as partners to grow along with them in the long run and considers them as a vital part for stable position in the market.
With their abundant support and assistance, cloudBuy has helped several clients to achieve desired results and benefits. For instance, a UK hospital implemented eMarketplace to reduce costs and attain purchasing compliance across their Trust. cloudBuy’s team closely analyzed the hospital’s procurement process to identify the areas for faster ROI. The client also provided their data for adept analysis to foresee any potential savings if possible. This data aided the cloudBuy team to roll out the solution into various departments and suppliers for effective savings. The technique facilitated the hospital to cut down their costs and resulted in savings within the organization.

In their two decades of industry reign, cloudBuy has received accolades for their support in the ERP and procurement domain. cloudBuy's eCommerce platform has played a major role in earning the firm a large client base. Secondly, the platform benefits both the suppliers as well as the buyers, thereby creating a trustworthy partnership. “Our support team runs weekly WebEx sessions for suppliers, assisting them in stages to get the best out of our cloud based solutions,” shares Duncan. Thirdly, by hosting a sole website for enterprises procurement, cloudBuy has helped organizations gain more business and increase their revenues as well.

cloudBuy’s integrated contract management solution allows easy creation of contracts and delivers compliance to terms and conditions

cloudBuy has partnered with Oracle to create new opportunities for large corporations and public sector organizations in the procurement domain. Recently, the firm has collaborated with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to deliver the B2B marketplace infrastructure to enable secure e-commerce business gateway for the Indian players.


New York, NY

Ronald Duncan, Chairman & CIO

cloudBuy is an e-Procurement company specialized in spend analysis and company formation