CloudByte: Transforming Storage through Next-gen Solutions

CIO VendorFelix Xavier, CEO and CTO In the last few years, as virtualization demands and volumes of data grew, several storage concerns like lack of scalability, inelasticity, and higher cost of legacy versus industry standard hardware often became prominent. Legacy storage architectures’ inability to address this scenario was the motivating factor that led to the creation of CloudByte in 2010, by Felix Xavier, CEO and CTO. Since then, the firm has been dedicated towards combining advanced software-defined intelligence and cloud-ready management into next-generation storage. CloudByte’s unique approach enables guaranteed levels of performance to each and every application from a shared storage platform, thereby allowing cloud service providers, both private and public to effortlessly host performance-sensitive applications on the cloud.

Felix, during his tenure at a major storage vendor working with some of the largest service providers, noted that there is a difference in the way storage technologies are being utilized by service providers and traditional enterprises. Traditional enterprise storage was inadequate to meet the requirement for intelligent, grid-like storage. Corporate storage was purpose-built to be dedicated and tuned to each specific enterprise application; so, multiple applications required multiple storage environments.
As advanced storage functionality to support virtualization and multitenant needs combined with the need for high storage elasticity, the requirement for a new kind of storage, one purpose-built for the Cloud, became critical. Through its unique architecture and technology, CloudByte is trying to address this need by ensuring guaranteed performance for each of the applications sharing the storage infrastructure.

Storage technology of this kind, called public-corporate cloud is the best-fit for today’s requirements.Several leading service providers and large organizations,like NTT, Netmagic, Sony and others have been relying upon CloudByte solutions for their storage needs.

Bringing a Difference to the Storage Space

The CloudByte products provide service-provider and enterprise-grade storage functionality, cloud scalability, and efficient management at scale, thereby bringing in a difference to the industry. The two most prominent products from CloudByte are CloudByte ElastiStorTM and ElastiCenterTM.

ElastiStor is purpose-built for cloud as well as virtualized environments, and is a full-featured storage software product. ElastiStor enables dynamically selectable performance to every single application or tenant by constantly analyzing and adjusting key storage performance features such as IOPS, throughput, and latency.

ElastiCenter, a management console, is able to manage all ElastiStor nodes, even spread across multiple data centers, from a single pane of glass. Moreover, through this management console, vital information such as storage capacity, actual storage performance, and the storage performance available for allocation can be viewed and changed.
With these embedded analytics capabilities, the administrator can view and tune the performance required for an application in real time.

CloudByte’s unique approach enables guaranteed performance from a shared storage platform

CloudByte storage offers numerous benefits. The most appreciable benefit is the ability to set-up an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, which eliminates the typical “noisy neighbor” problem where one customer or application impacts the performance of others. In addition, it is possible to meet end-customers’ needs through definitions made entirely within software rather than data copying and migration among hardware-dependent performance tiers.

Expanding into a Great Future

The firm, based in Cupertino, CA with offices in Bangalore, plans to establish themselves as trustworthy enterprise-class storage vendors and build a highly reference based, service provider space. Also, collaborating with specific partners, there are attempts to build a global storage cloud infrastructure through establishment of open cloud standards along with advanced storage and networking technology.


Cupertino, CA

Felix Xavier, CEO and CTO and Umasankar Mukkara, Founder & VP of Engineering

A provider of next-gen storage to help cloud services host performance-sensitive applications