CloudEnablers: Journey to Cloud Transformation

Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan, Founder & CEO
With the onset of business globalization, organizations are utilizing multiple clouds from multiple vendors, creating a complex mix of public, private, hybrid, and containers cloud environment. The massive adoption of multi-cloud environments has spawned the need to effectively govern, manage, integrate, and optimize the cloud services. With a vision to mitigate the concerns linked with cross-cloud, cross-technology around enterprise governance, Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan laid the cornerstone of CloudEnablers and devised CoreStack—a cloud agnostic, highly available and scalable, easy to integrate, converged orchestration framework. Through CoreStack, the company aids in the coexistence of traditional and cloud technologies like AWS, Azure and Container technologies like Docker that optimizes for cost, performance, and security.

Fostering a partnership with Amazon Web Services, CloudEnablers is committed to empowering clients with the next-gen technology for cloud governance and operations. Optimizing and governing their new or existing cloud usage, CloudEnablers’ product is made available in two versions: CoreStack Enterprise— for large organizations, and CoreStack Professional—for the SMB market. The CoreStack Professional is a cost-effective alternative to manage cloud and data centers. It consists of over 300 use cases for various cloud operations such as backups, validations, protection, patching upgrades, traffic monitoring, and service restorations. The platform’s popularity within the SMB sector is due to its simplicity in performing standard tasks. “Attach any cloud subscription, provide the cloud credentials, associate the required standard activities, and use it straight away after sign up. That’s CoreStack Professional,” says Natarajan, founder and CEO of CloudEnablers. The platform automatically extracts all the resources such as compute, storage, virtual private cloud (VPC), and security groups. It then scans and learns all the services, and prepopulates the templates, scripts, and tools. This can be easily attached to any number of front-end application services for monitoring performance, taking load-based actions, and replicating databases.
The CoreStack Enterprise unlocks the multi-cloud governance potential for larger enterprises that have workflows associated with various interconnected applications. CoreStack acts as a central execution platform for organizations to manage and operate all technologies and business groups that are consuming their data center and cloud resources. As all cloud technologies use domain-specific language (DSL) for provisioning cloud service, CoreStack Enterprise provides an orchestrated workflow that supports all native DSL technologies including CFN, ARM, Heat, Mistral and more such as the Maestro GRM Server required for running Azure services. The platform’s flexibility allows businesses to operate on commercial and open source cloud platforms by defining and creating templates that can perform discrete actions using the native DSLs, which are not the native capabilities of DSLs by itself. The technology lifecycle of enterprises being longer, CloudEnablers engages and educates its enterprise clients during the presale cycle itself. CoreStack has proven to create greater impact for Education and Learning domain technology companies that are faster adopting cloud services. Catering to the early cloud adopters in the healthcare, bio-tech and financial sector, CloudEnablers understands the complexities and pain points within the organizations to enable a cloud-agnostic capability from the start of the cloud journey.

In an instance, the company was approached by one of the leading web-based learning providers of cloud labs for learning technologies such as Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Python, Ruby, etc using their private data centers and public cloud services. Every request for an environment with x version, y data, and z capacity required three days, and the students had to pay separately for every request. Using CoreStack, the client could provide instant lab access based on any request. The entire learning process is automatically governed, managed, and operated through CoreStack, which has increased the client’s efficiency by 70 percent and reduced costs for students by 60 percent.

As containers, serverless and container orchestration technology is gaining momentum, CoreStack is all set to address governance, management, and compliance challenges around these new services. As a part of the evolution, the company is building live template translations capability and same-day-delivery API integration for REST and Swagger standards.


Bellevue, WA

Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan, Founder & CEO

Next generation cloud governance and management platform, CoreStack, empower enterprises to cost-effectively adopt cloud. Through its unique “Cloud as Code” approach, CoreStack accelerates AWS adoption, optimizes consumption and enforces governance, empowering businesses to maximize agility and deliver predictable outcomes