CloudFirst Technology Solutions: Augmenting Businesses with Cloud-based Solutions

Dennis Gentles, CEO
Leveraging cloud technology has been in vogue for today’s enterprises that are looking to streamline business processes, engage in digital marketing and sales automation as well as efficiently communicate with workforce and customers. CloudFirst Technology Solutions has carved itself a niche in the cloud arena by empowering organizations to be truly responsive through measurability and collaboration while ensuring an agile and sustainable approach to their business. “We deliver cloud solutions that help our customers improve business processes, increase productivity, and exceed their competition,” asserts Dennis Gentles, CEO, CloudFirst. The San Jose, CA based business establishment thrives on its strong partnership with Microsoft to enable companies to deploy applications in the most security conscious environments in a systemized manner. With Microsoft Office 365, CloudFirst helps its clients to easily access their data, automate manual processes, and to become truly mobile; providing virtual access from anywhere on any device. Further, the firm is deft in cloud-based security monitoring, designing business intelligence dashboards, and deploying hybrid cloud solutions.

By delivering industry-specific applications that integrate with office 365, CloudFirst engineers a novel solution that provides increased productivity. “Our solution platform offers insights that help clients to see the active usage of their communication and collaboration technologies to ensure maximum ROI,” affirms Gentles. CloudFirst through its experience and acumen in implementing cloud solutions for multi-user, distributed offices, and global teams, has created a unique service, Cloud Roadmap 360. This offering primarily focuses on helping companies to fully document their current infrastructure and environment, and also analyzes their ongoing IT processes to steer them towards their business goals. Additionally, the Cloud Roadmap 360 creates an online access for users to manage workflows efficiently by introducing a mobile application to electronically enhance productivity. “We take pride in providing our clients with valuable solutions tailored to their unique needs that are delivered with reliable customer service” says Gentles.

Our planning, precision, and an unwavering focus toward guaranteeing outcome to our customers has been an element for establishing client relationships

The company also gives its users complete access to powerful data and analytics that are needed to identify trends in order to be more proactive and carry out business-oriented decisions and strategies.

“Our planning, precision, and an unwavering focus toward guaranteeing outcome to our customers has been an element for establishing client relationships,” says Gentles. Various organizations have chosen CloudFirst to augment the efficiency of their workflows from the collaboration standpoint. In one instance, the firm assisted a global engineering company that was acquiring a large business unit consisting over 500 employees in Asia. The client faced major roadblocks in migrating 500 accounts from this new business unit and therefore approached CloudFirst who assisted them by implementing Office 365 enterprise-wide. CloudFirst aided the customer in transferring the data at a low cost, ensuring secure management of their new unit and a successful merger of business processes.

In the coming years, CloudFirst is looking forward to provide the global market with ground breaking solutions to drive an increasingly demanding workforce across organizations. With the goal to expand its products and services internationally, the firm aims to forge ahead to offer scalable and improvised functionalities that are needed to operate business systems. On a progressive note, “We focus on continuously deepening our understanding of our client’s industry and their business in order to adapt to the future demands,” concludes Gentles.

CloudFirst Technology Solutions

San Jose, CA

Dennis Gentles, CEO

Helping companies plan and seamlessly deploy cloud applications in a secure environment.