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Matthew Prince, Co-founder & CEO
In the era of high speed internet, web users demand quick access and instant delivery of content. The speed at which a website loads directly affects page views, visitor’s perception and search engine rankings of the organization. Today, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is used by organizations to speed up the flow of static, dynamic and mobile content for their customers. San Francisco based CloudFlare’s CDN solutions enable an organization to boost the web experience by setting new benchmarks that result in higher speed and saving of bandwidth.

CloudFlare operates on a highly available global network which has security measures integrated into each layer, constantly touching high speeds for better experience. CloudFlare’s CDN has been built through proprietary technology that uses latest web server technology, network routing and hardware. This allows the CDN to perform better than other legacy systems and yet be affordable. Once the website is a part of CloudFlare’s CDN, its web traffic is diverted through the global network using the data centers. The firm has 36 data centers, chosen strategically throughout the world that uses geographical proximities for delivering web content, enabling the firm to process web requests effectively. “CloudFlare’s CDN reduces hops and lowers latency, resulting in global presence for your website at an affordable cost,” adds Prince.

The CloudFlare’s Domain Name System (DNS) makes the process of changing Web content, updating to recovery servers and switching web hosts easier. The web pages can be updated anytime, removing obstacles that lead to outdated content. The firm provides free version of CDN as well as commercial version that include extra features. The commercial version of CDN includes features that automatically optimize the transfer of most requested web resources and prioritized requests for its customers without affecting the performance irrespective of traffic loads on client’s websites.

CloudFlare optimizes HTML automatically to ensure proper rendering of slow scripts like widgets and advertising that boost the overall speed.
Through its custom built technologies like Railgun, Polish and Mirage, the firm aims at providing the same experience to the mobile users. “At CloudFlare, we assist web businesses in delivering fast and secure content which are specifically designed to enhance the experience of mobile users,” says Prince.

CloudFlare’s technology safeguards websites against threats ranging from cross site scripting to SQL injection to DDoS (Distributive Denial of Services). The CloudFlare community constantly analyzes and share information regarding new threats and attacks among themselves. The web users are also alerted if their computer’s security has been compromised by a threat. The CloudFlare technology along with other programs like Google Analytics generates in-depth analysis of the threats and traffic of search engine crawlers.

CloudFlare has been a major CDN provider to Luxury Link, a web-based auction model for luxury travels. Luxury Link’s audiences always demand greatest value for their luxurious vacation experience. Luxury Link constantly optimizes its website for smooth functioning to offer its visitor next level experiences. With CloudFlare, Luxury Link could bring down its CDN and security related expenses to $160, from $4000. Luxury Link also noticed 42 percent decrease in average loading time of web pages as well as 40 percent reduction in bandwidth usage.

CloudFlare’s CDN reduces hops and lowers latency, resulting in global presence for your website at an affordable cost

CloudFlare looks forward to a better web experience by storing and caching the client’s data all over the world through its data centers. The firm is planning to maintain an expense saving approach by allowing businesses to leverage CDN for a more secure and lightening fast experience.


San Francisco, CA

Matthew Prince, Co-founder & CEO

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