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Today, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)landscape is filled with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. However, many CIOs face an array of challenges like rapid changes in infrastructure, solution deployment models, and dynamic application designs that ultimately hinder the implementation of solutions. CloudFountain Inc. is a company that specializes in helping organizations to implement SOA in a phased manner. “To meet this end, we identify business entities to design domain entities coupled flexibly, and then iteratively work on business process management to implement cost-effective SOA implementations,” says Dipali Trivedi, the SOA Practice Lead and Partner at CloudFountain. The firm helps its clients in deploying and optimizing various services on both public and private cloud of clients. CloudFountain is also experienced in running various operations to optimize existing and new services running in the IT architecture. “We believe in focusing more on business value while implementing our SOA solutions to gain better support from leadership. This enables the engineering team to achieve better development velocity and higher ROI for the organization,” says Dipali.

CloudFountain’s team has strong expertise in dealing with legacy applications and reusing services through SOA. They have helped clients by leveraging diversified technology stacks to connect distributed software assets both effectively and in a flexible manner. This makes it easier to replace legacy system with SOA solution.

Our solutions, being independent of specific technologies or vendors, allow us to use the appropriate products or architecture ideal for each customer

For addressing unique business needs and making proof-of-concepts, clients are aided by the insight from CloudFountain’s evaluation of existing SOA products in the market. This consultancy service is modeled to be in tune with the trends seen in the SOA landscape like lightweight microservices implemented using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), big data, and mobile development. “The SOA approach we use helps to derive consumer insights and analytics that leverage big data accumulated over the years,” says Dipali.
CIO VendorDipali Trivedi, SOA Practice Lead, Partner at CloudFountain
CloudFountain helps firms to evaluate the market in context of specific business needs and aids in the development of proof of concepts that portray the best combination of products to purchase and implement.

Cloud Fountain has strong ties with its partners and clients helping it deliver business value and gain organizational support for deploying its solutions. “We work with the development team in educating them about SOA so that transition is smooth. We also use open-source technologies when cost-effective solutions are needed,” says Dipali. The firm delivers its solution in a phased approach to minimize the interference to ongoing business operations. Apart from offering stellar SOA services, CloudFountain also delivers cloud-based application services like, AWS, Heroku,Mobile based applications, and web-portal development. Cloud Fountain’s team is also experienced in offering custom software services, offshore development services and setup, and training for enterprise solutions like, PeopleSoft, Agile, and SOA training.

To maintain its edge, CloudFountain continues to explore new technology trends and innovate on new design patterns and IT architectures. “Our solutions, being free of the constraint of specific technologies or vendors, allow us to use products or architecture practices ideal for each customer,” says Dipali. This strategy has helped the company to consistently stay ahead of the market competition, adopt new technologies, and drive innovation to deliver business value faster in a cost-effective manner.

For the near future, CloudFountain plans to continue innovating its suite of solutions that spans across SOA, cloud computing, ERP/CRM,and in areas like IoT, big data, and voice-based applications. The firm is expanding its business operations across Asia to tap into the rapidly growing e-commerce market.


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Dipali Trivedi, SOA Practice Lead, Partner at CloudFountain

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