CloudLanes: Simplifying Data Protection and Guardianship by Eliminating On-Premise Secondary Storage

Abhijit Dinkar, CTO
Recently, the CIO of a government entity in the U.S. noticed an upsetting fact that his organization used racks and racks of secondary storage on premises despite having access to cloud storage. The company kept buying scale-out storage appliances to protect their primary backup data and used the cloud to store archival data. As the CIO knew that his data centers would serve no purpose going forward, he was determined to move everything to the cloud and get rid of the secondary storage infrastructure they had in place. To solve this issue, he got in discussion with Abhijit Dinkar, the CTO of CloudLanes, a cloud data platform provider that enables enterprises to transcend from on-premises data storage to a cloud infrastructure. During the conversation, Dinkar realized that the customer had a one-gigabyte connection which was sufficient for the transition and a few hundred terabytes of data that needed to be protected on an ongoing basis. By attaching the cloud storage to the firm’s backup service and providing the service level agreements (SLA) that matched their recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements, CloudLanes helped the CIO eliminate 60-70 percent of the data center space in no time. With the governance module provided, the CIO knew that their data was secure at all times and it couldn’t be tampered with at any point. Additionally, he could run an analysis using CloudLanes’ proprietary software that leverages tools offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, and AWS to get meaningful insights on the most relevant data that goes into the cloud.

Since 2015, CloudLanes has helped many such organizations migrate from on-premises scale-out storage to cloud storage or move from one cloud to another. “Apart from providing a data guardianship platform for backup and archive, we also make ingest to cloud storage faster, provide governance for the data for the entire life of the data,” says Dinkar.

Apart from providing a data guardianship platform for backup and archive, we also make ingest to cloud storage faster, provide governance for the data for the entire life of the data

Despite the advancements in cloud technology, many companies still hesitate to adopt it. Companies prefer using on-premise secondary storage devices to protect their primary copy of backup data and use cloud only for older copies of backup data. Even though they have sufficient bandwidth connection, they opt for local storage over cloud without knowing the fact that cloud can scale better, faster, and more cost-effective. Keeping this in mind, CloudLanes introduced their proprietary software and cloud migration solutions that can not only help organizations move their current on-premise secondary storage to the cloud, but also reap benefits such as custodianship of data, and derive insights from dark data. CloudLanes also integrates with best of breed cloud tools to enable data transformation. While governance brings in aspects such as data immutability and chain of custody, and verification; transformation allows clients to select tools such as GC Vision API or machine learning or any other tool provided by AWS or Azure that they would like to use.

“Our patent-pending software can make data movement to the cloud significantly faster and help customers meet their RTO and RPO objectives while eliminating on-premise secondary storage,” adds Dinkar.


Santa Clara, CA

Abhijit Dinkar, CTO

The firm offers a cloud data platform that enables enterprises to migrate from on-premises data storage to a cloud infrastructure